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Plot: Adapted from Eduard von Keyserling’s 1911 novel of the same title, Waves depicts both the lives and loves of an aristocratic German family during a summer holiday on the Baltic coast of what is now Lithuania, as well as the twilight of a social order and its mores in a world soon to be plunged into the cataclysm of world war.
Release Date: Friday, January 21 2005
19 years ago
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Portrait of Marie BäumerMarie Bäumer
Marie Bäumer was
35 in Waves.
as 'Alice von Köhne-Jasky'.
Wed, May 07 1969
Portrait of Matthias HabichMatthias Habich
Matthias Habich was
65 in Waves.
as 'Rolf von Buttlär'.
Fri, Jan 12 1940
Portrait of Sebastian BlombergSebastian Blomberg
Sebastian Blomberg was
32 in Waves.
as 'Til Knop'.
Wed, May 24 1972
Portrait of Monica BleibtreuMonica Bleibtreu
Monica Bleibtreu was
60 in Waves.
as 'Generalin von Palinkow'.
Thu, May 04 1944 –
Thu, May 14 2009
Portrait of Sunnyi MellesSunnyi Melles
Sunnyi Melles was
46 in Waves.
as 'Bella von Buttlär'.
Tue, Oct 07 1958
Portrait of Christine UrspruchChristine Urspruch
Christine Urspruch was
34 in Waves.
as 'Milling'.
Wed, Sep 16 1970
Portrait of Christian GrashofChristian Grashof
Christian Grashof was
61 in Waves.
as 'Geheimrat Frosenius'.
Thu, Aug 05 1943
Portrait of Peter FitzPeter Fitz
Peter Fitz was
73 in Waves.
as 'Graf von Köhne-Jasky'.
Sat, Aug 08 1931 –
Thu, Jan 10 2013
Portrait of Florian StetterFlorian Stetter
Florian Stetter was
27 in Waves.
as ''.
Tue, Aug 02 1977
Portrait of Katharina TüschenKatharina Tüschen
Katharina Tüschen was
77 in Waves.
as ''.
Tue, Sep 20 1927 –
Mon, Apr 02 2012
Portrait of Heribert SasseHeribert Sasse
Heribert Sasse was
59 in Waves.
as ''.
Fri, Sep 28 1945 –
Sat, Nov 19 2016
Portrait of Katharina EyssenKatharina Eyssen
Katharina Eyssen was
22 in Waves.
as ''.
Sat, Jan 01 1983
Portrait of Sven PippigSven Pippig
Sven Pippig was
41 in Waves.
as 'Fischer Steege'.
Mon, May 27 1963 –
Wed, Sep 25 2013


Portrait of Vivian NaefeVivian Naefe
Vivian Naefe was
48 in Waves.
Sat, Jul 21 1956
Portrait of Peter DöttlingPeter Döttling
Director of Photography
Peter Döttling was
48 in Waves.
Sun, Jul 22 1956
Portrait of Günter SchütterGünter Schütter
Günter Schütter was
46 in Waves.
Thu, Jan 01 1959
Portrait of Hana MüllnerHana Müllner
Hana Müllner was
>> in Waves.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Annette FocksAnnette Focks
Original Music Composer
Annette Focks was
40 in Waves.
Fri, Aug 28 1964
Portrait of Eduard von KeyserlingEduard von Keyserling
Eduard von Keyserling was
>> in Waves.
Unknown Birthday