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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road

Release Date: Friday, December 19 2008 (14 years ago)
Portrait of Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio
Frank Wheeler
Leonardo DiCaprio was:
Portrait of Kate WinsletKate Winslet
April Wheeler
Kate Winslet was:
Portrait of Kathy BatesKathy Bates
Mrs. Givings
Kathy Bates was:
Portrait of Michael ShannonMichael Shannon
John Givings
Michael Shannon was:
Portrait of Kathryn HahnKathryn Hahn
Milly Campbell
Kathryn Hahn was:
Portrait of David HarbourDavid Harbour
Shep Campbell
David Harbour was:
Portrait of Dylan BakerDylan Baker
Jack Ordway
Dylan Baker was:
Portrait of Richard EastonRichard Easton
Mr. Givings
Richard Easton was:
Portrait of Zoe KazanZoe Kazan
Maureen Grube
Zoe Kazan was:
Portrait of Jay O. SandersJay O. Sanders
Bart Pollock
Jay O. Sanders was:
Portrait of Max BakerMax Baker
Vince Lathrop
Max Baker was:
Portrait of Max CasellaMax Casella
Ed Small
Max Casella was:
Portrait of Christopher FitzgeraldChristopher Fitzgerald
Party Guest
Christopher Fitzgerald was:
Portrait of Jonathan RoumieJonathan Roumie
Party Guest
Jonathan Roumie was:
Portrait of Neal BledsoeNeal Bledsoe
Party Guest
Neal Bledsoe was:
Portrait of Marin IrelandMarin Ireland
Party Guest
Marin Ireland was:
Portrait of Samantha SouleSamantha Soule
Party Guest
Samantha Soule was:
Portrait of Heidi ArmbrusterHeidi Armbruster
Party Guest
Heidi Armbruster was:
Portrait of Sam RosenSam Rosen
Party Guest
Sam Rosen was:
Portrait of Maria RusoloMaria Rusolo
Party Dancer
Maria Rusolo was:
Portrait of Gena OppenheimGena Oppenheim
Party Dancer
Gena Oppenheim was:
Portrait of Kathryn DunnKathryn Dunn
Party Dancer
Kathryn Dunn was:
Portrait of Joe KomaraJoe Komara
Party Dancer
Joe Komara was:
Portrait of Allison TwyfordAllison Twyford
Party Dancer
Allison Twyford was:
Portrait of John OttavinoJohn Ottavino
Other Actor in the Play
John Ottavino was:
Portrait of Adam MucciAdam Mucci
Other Actor in the Play
Adam Mucci was:
Portrait of Jo TwissJo Twiss
Other Actor in the Play
Jo Twiss was:
Portrait of Frank GirardeauFrank Girardeau
Other Actor in the Play
Frank Girardeau was:
Portrait of Catherine CurtinCatherine Curtin
Woman in Audience
Catherine Curtin was:
Portrait of Dan Da SilvaDan Da Silva
Knox Elevator Operator
Dan Da Silva was:
Portrait of Keith ReddinKeith Reddin
Ted Bandy
Keith Reddin was:
Portrait of Ryan SimpkinsRyan Simpkins
Ed Small
Ryan Simpkins was:
Portrait of Ty SimpkinsTy Simpkins
Vince Lathrop
Ty Simpkins was:
Portrait of Jon SampsonJon Sampson
American Express Clerk
Jon Sampson was:
Portrait of Peter BartonPeter Barton
Campbell Kid
Peter Barton was:
Portrait of Kevin BartonKevin Barton
Campbell Kid
Kevin Barton was:
Portrait of Evan CoveyEvan Covey
Campbell Kid
Evan Covey was:
Portrait of Dylan Clark MarshallDylan Clark Marshall
Campbell Kid
Dylan Clark Marshall was:
Portrait of Chandler VintonChandler Vinton
Knox Receptionist
Chandler Vinton was:
Portrait of Bethann SchebeceBethann Schebece
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer
Bethann Schebece was:
Portrait of Kelsey BairKelsey Bair
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer
Kelsey Bair was:
Portrait of Jason EtterJason Etter
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer
Jason Etter was:
Portrait of Adair MoranAdair Moran
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer
Adair Moran was:
Portrait of Tommaso AnticoTommaso Antico
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer
Tommaso Antico was:
Portrait of Justin MisenhelderJustin Misenhelder
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer
Justin Misenhelder was:
Portrait of Will VoughtWill Vought
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer
Will Vought was:
Portrait of Emaline GreenEmaline Green
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer
Emaline Green was:
Portrait of Isabella ZuborIsabella Zubor
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer
Isabella Zubor was:
Portrait of Kal ThompsonKal Thompson
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer
Kal Thompson was:
Portrait of Racheline MalteseRacheline Maltese
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer
Racheline Maltese was:
Portrait of Lauren HubbellLauren Hubbell
Vito's Log Cabin Dancer
Lauren Hubbell was:
Portrait of Duffy JacksonDuffy Jackson
Steve Kovac
Duffy Jackson was:
Portrait of Dan ZanesDan Zanes
The Steve Kovac Band
Dan Zanes was:
Portrait of Vince GiordanoVince Giordano
The Steve Kovac Band
Vince Giordano was:
Portrait of Jon-Erik KellsoJon-Erik Kellso
The Steve Kovac Band
Jon-Erik Kellso was:
Portrait of Andy BurtonAndy Burton
The Steve Kovac Band
Andy Burton was:
Portrait of Will Reardon-AndersonWill Reardon-Anderson
The Steve Kovac Band
Will Reardon-Anderson was:
Portrait of Alex HoffmanAlex Hoffman
The Steve Kovac Band
Alex Hoffman was:
Portrait of Kristen ConnollyKristen Connolly
Mr. Brace
Kristen Connolly was:
Portrait of John BehlmannJohn Behlmann
Mr. Brace
John Behlmann was:
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