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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Dark Crimes

Dark Crimes

Release Date: 2018-05-18 (2 years ago)
Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey was:
Marton Csokas
Marton Csokas was:
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Charlotte Gainsbourg was:
Kati Outinen
Ms. Malinowska
Kati Outinen was:
Vlad Ivanov
Vlad Ivanov was:
Robert Więckiewicz
Robert Więckiewicz was:
Agata Kulesza
Agata Kulesza was:
Piotr Głowacki
Piotr Głowacki was:
Julia Gdula
Julia Gdula was:
Zbigniew Zamachowski
Zbigniew Zamachowski was:
Danuta Kowalska
Kozlov's Mother
Danuta Kowalska was:
Zygmunt Jozefczak
Kozlov's Father
Zygmunt Jozefczak was:
Marianna Figurska
Marianna Figurska was:
Anna Polony
Tadek's Mother
Anna Polony was:
Marcin Stec
Defense Lawyer
Marcin Stec was:
Katarzyna Warnke
Publicist Moderator
Katarzyna Warnke was:
Marcel Sabat
Marcel Sabat was:
Anna Moskal
Anna Moskal was:
Michal Kitlinski
Journalist #1
Michal Kitlinski was:
Dominika Bednarczyk
Journalist #2
Dominika Bednarczyk was:
Mateusz Dewera
Journalist #3
Mateusz Dewera was:
Kasia Koleczek
Newsreader #1
Kasia Koleczek was:
Łukasz Garlicki
Young Man in the Rental Office
Łukasz Garlicki was:
Marta Kownacka
Greger's Wife
Marta Kownacka was:
Piotr Kosiba
Heavy in 'The Cage' CCTV
Piotr Kosiba was:
Bartosz Waga
Police Officer in Car Outside Greger's
Bartosz Waga was:
Marcin Molik
Watcher #1
Marcin Molik was:
Pawel Janisow
Watcher #2
Pawel Janisow was:
Malgorzata Krukowska
Girl in the Inner Room
Malgorzata Krukowska was:
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