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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Expecting Love

Expecting Love

Release Date: 2008-02-29 (13 years ago)
Joshua Leonard
Joshua Leonard was:
Agnieszka Grochowska
Joanna Malczyk
Agnieszka Grochowska was:
Mikolaj Grabowski
Bogdan - Joanna's father
Mikolaj Grabowski was:
Agnieszka Pilaszewska
Aldona - Joanna's mother
Agnieszka Pilaszewska was:
Michael Dunn
Michael Dunn was:
Robert Forster
George Patten
Robert Forster was:
Liz Torres
Liz Torres was:
Łukasz Simlat
Taxi Driver Zbyszek
Łukasz Simlat was:
Anna Guzik
Anna Guzik was:
Cathy Jenéen Doe
Cathy Jenéen Doe was:
Maciej Kowalewski
Policeman 1
Maciej Kowalewski was:
Maciej Wierzbicki
Policeman 2
Maciej Wierzbicki was:
Agnieszka Wielgosz
Agnieszka Wielgosz was:
Wil Bowers
SEC Agent #2
Wil Bowers was:
Sara Erikson
Sara Erikson was:
Redbad Klijnstra
Dumplings bar owner
Redbad Klijnstra was:
Michał Żurawski
Hotel security
Michał Żurawski was:
Katarzyna Gniewkowska
Katarzyna Gniewkowska was:
Piotr Machalica
Piotr Machalica was:
Andrzej Blumenfeld
Andrzej Blumenfeld was:
Elżbieta Jarosik
Hospital Recepcionist
Elżbieta Jarosik was:
Agata Kulesza
Agata Kulesza was:
David Groh
Used Car Dealer
David Groh was:
Krzysztof Stelmaszyk
Language school headmaster
Krzysztof Stelmaszyk was:
Natalia Rybicka
Girl with flowers
Natalia Rybicka was:
Vikrum Shah
Taxi Driver
Vikrum Shah was:
Stanisław Brudny
Man with the dog
Stanisław Brudny was:
Piotr Nowak
Dormitory manager
Piotr Nowak was:
Robin Lynch
Robin Lynch was:
Marcin Kwaśny
Marcin Kwaśny was:
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