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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Last Word

The Last Word

Release Date: 1979-01-01 (42 years ago)
Richard Harris
Danny Travis
Richard Harris was:
Karen Black
Paula Herbert
Karen Black was:
Martin Landau
Captain Garrity
Martin Landau was:
Dennis Christopher
Ben Travis
Dennis Christopher was:
Biff McGuire
Governor Davis
Biff McGuire was:
Christopher Guest
Christopher Guest was:
Penelope Milford
Denise Travis
Penelope Milford was:
Bonnie Bartlett
Mrs. Garrity
Bonnie Bartlett was:
Jorge Cervera
Marshal Perez
Jorge Cervera was:
Nathan Cook
Officer Caine
Nathan Cook was:
Linda Dangcil
Linda Dangcil was:
Alex Henteloff
Alex Henteloff was:
Pat McNamara
S.W.A.T. Lieutenant
Pat McNamara was:
Michael Pataki
Michael Pataki was:
Natasha Ryan
Ellie Travis
Natasha Ryan was:
Charles Siebert
Charles Siebert was:
James Staley
James Staley was:
Richard Venture
Richard Venture was:
Lillian Adams
Information Lady
Lillian Adams was:
Keith Babcock
T.V. Van Technician
Keith Babcock was:
Sandy Champion
Police Sergeant
Sandy Champion was:
Pat Corley
Chief Norris
Pat Corley was:
Dick Christie
Dick Christie was:
Margolyn Curtis
Beauty Contestant
Margolyn Curtis was:
Lou Cutell
Contest M.C.
Lou Cutell was:
Gary Devaney
S.W.A.T. Man
Gary Devaney was:
Ronald G. Joseph
Patrolman (as Ron Godines)
Ronald G. Joseph was:
James Jeter
Desk Sergeant
James Jeter was:
Don Keefer
Mayor Wenzel
Don Keefer was:
Bernie Kuby
Bernie Kuby was:
Linda Lawrence
Miss Dairy Cream
Linda Lawrence was:
Wayne Lundy
S.W.A.T. Man
Wayne Lundy was:
Macon McCalman
Welfare Caseworker
Macon McCalman was:
Boyd Matson
T.V. Anchorman
Boyd Matson was:
Kathy McCullen
Beauty Contestant
Kathy McCullen was:
Thomas McGowan
Man in Crowd
Thomas McGowan was:
Matthew Murphy
S.W.A.T. Man
Matthew Murphy was:
Jesse Nurse
S.W.A.T. Team Leader
Jesse Nurse was:
Anthony Pena
Anthony Pena was:
Paul Ryan
Denise's Date
Paul Ryan was:
Penny Santon
Mrs. Tempino
Penny Santon was:
Karen McLarty
Roger's Assistant (as Karen Werner)
Karen McLarty was:
Steven Wright
Man in Crowd
Steven Wright was:
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