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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Last Horror Film

The Last Horror Film

Release Date: 1982-10-09 (38 years ago)
Caroline Munro
Jana Bates
Caroline Munro was:
Joe Spinell
Vinny Durand
Joe Spinell was:
Judd Hamilton
Alan Cunningham
Judd Hamilton was:
Devin Goldenberg
Marty Bernstein
Devin Goldenberg was:
David Winters
Stanley Kline
David Winters was:
Susanne Benton
Susan Archer
Susanne Benton was:
Filomena Spagnuolo
Vinny's Mother
Filomena Spagnuolo was:
Glenn Jacobson
Bret Bates
Glenn Jacobson was:
J'Len Winters
Girl In Jaccuzi / Beach Girl Teaser
J'Len Winters was:
Sharon Hughes
Sharon Hughes was:
Sean Casey
Sean Casey was:
Don Talley
Don Talley was:
June Chadwick
First Reporter
June Chadwick was:
Robin Leach
Second Reporter
Robin Leach was:
Richard Marner
Screening Room Jury
Richard Marner was:
Isabelle Adjani
Herself (uncredited)
Isabelle Adjani was:
Karen Black
Herself (uncredited)
Karen Black was:
Cathy Lee Crosby
Herself (uncredited)
Cathy Lee Crosby was:
Kris Kristofferson
Himself (uncredited)
Kris Kristofferson was:
Marcello Mastroianni
Himself (uncredited)
Marcello Mastroianni was:
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