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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

Release Date: 1974-03-27 (47 years ago)
Robert Redford
Jay Gatsby
Robert Redford was:
Mia Farrow
Daisy Buchanan
Mia Farrow was:
Bruce Dern
Tom Buchanan
Bruce Dern was:
Karen Black
Myrtle Wilson
Karen Black was:
Scott Wilson
George Wilson
Scott Wilson was:
Sam Waterston
Nick Carraway
Sam Waterston was:
Lois Chiles
Jordan Baker
Lois Chiles was:
Howard Da Silva
Meyer Wolfsheim
Howard Da Silva was:
Roberts Blossom
Mr. Gatz
Roberts Blossom was:
Edward Herrmann
Edward Herrmann was:
Elliott Sullivan
Wilson's Friend
Elliott Sullivan was:
Arthur Hughes
Dog Vendor
Arthur Hughes was:
Kathryn Leigh Scott
Kathryn Leigh Scott was:
Beth Porter
Mrs. McKee
Beth Porter was:
Paul Tamarin
Mr. McKee
Paul Tamarin was:
John Devlin
Gatsby's Bodyguard
John Devlin was:
Patsy Kensit
Pamela Buchanan
Patsy Kensit was:
Marjorie Wildes
Pamela's Nurse
Marjorie Wildes was:
Blain Fairman
Blain Fairman was:
Norman Chancer
Detective at Pool
Norman Chancer was:
Bob Sherman
Detective at Pool
Bob Sherman was:
Regina Baff
Miss Baedeker
Regina Baff was:
Janet Arters
A Twin at Gatsby Party
Janet Arters was:
Louise Arters
A Twin at Gatsby Party
Louise Arters was:
John Franchi
Photographer (uncredited)
John Franchi was:
Sammy Smith
Sammy Smith was:
Franklin Cover
Senator Evans (uncredited)
Franklin Cover was:
Brooke Adams
Party Guest (uncredited)
Brooke Adams was:
Sean Collins
Party Guest (uncredited)
Sean Collins was:
Robin Eddins
Party Guest (uncredited)
Robin Eddins was:
Ramon Gordon
Party Guest (uncredited)
Ramon Gordon was:
Linda Hamil
Party Guest (uncredited)
Linda Hamil was:
Duncan Inches
Party Staffer (uncredited)
Duncan Inches was:
Mildred Shay
Party Guest (uncredited)
Mildred Shay was:
Tina Simmons
Party Guest (uncredited)
Tina Simmons was:
Nick Lucas
Singer (uncredited)
Nick Lucas was:
James Berwick
Reverend (uncredited)
James Berwick was:
Tom Ewell
Mourner (uncredited)
Tom Ewell was:
Jerry Mayer
New York Journal Reporter (uncredited)
Jerry Mayer was:
Vincent Schiavelli
Thin Man (uncredited)
Vincent Schiavelli was:
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