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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Day of the Locust

The Day of the Locust

Release Date: 1975-05-07 (46 years ago)
Donald Sutherland
Homer Simpson
Donald Sutherland was:
Karen Black
Faye Greener
Karen Black was:
Burgess Meredith
Harry Greener
Burgess Meredith was:
William Atherton
Tod Hackett
William Atherton was:
Geraldine Page
Big Sister
Geraldine Page was:
Richard Dysart
Claude Estee
Richard Dysart was:
Bo Hopkins
Earle Shoop
Bo Hopkins was:
Pepe Serna
Pepe Serna was:
Lelia Goldoni
Mary Dove
Lelia Goldoni was:
Jackie Earle Haley
Adore Loomis
Jackie Earle Haley was:
Billy Barty
Abe Kusich
Billy Barty was:
Gloria LeRoy
Mrs. Loomis
Gloria LeRoy was:
Natalie Schafer
Audrey Jennings
Natalie Schafer was:
Jane Hoffman
Mrs. Odlesh
Jane Hoffman was:
Paul Stewart
Paul Stewart was:
John Hillerman
Ned Grote
John Hillerman was:
Paul Jabara
Nightclub Entertainer
Paul Jabara was:
Norman Leavitt
Mr. Odlesh
Norman Leavitt was:
Madge Kennedy
Mrs. Johnson
Madge Kennedy was:
Ina Gould
Lee Sister #1
Ina Gould was:
Florence Lake
Lee Sister #2
Florence Lake was:
Margaret Willey
Mrs. Gingo
Margaret Willey was:
John War Eagle
Mr. Gingo
John War Eagle was:
Gloria Stroock
Alice Estee
Gloria Stroock was:
Nita Talbot
Nita Talbot was:
Nicholas Cortland
Nicholas Cortland was:
Alvin Childress
Alvin Childress was:
Byron Paul
Guest #1
Byron Paul was:
Virginia Baker
Guest #2
Virginia Baker was:
Roger Price
Guest #3
Roger Price was:
Angela Greene
Guest #4
Angela Greene was:
Robert O. Ragland
Guest #5
Robert O. Ragland was:
Abbey Greshler
Guest #6
Abbey Greshler was:
Ann Coleman
Girl #1
Ann Coleman was:
Gyl Roland
Girl #2
Gyl Roland was:
William Castle
William Castle was:
Fred Scheiwiller
1st Asst. Director
Fred Scheiwiller was:
Wally Rose
2nd Asst. Director
Wally Rose was:
Grainger Hines
French Lt.
Grainger Hines was:
DeForest Covan
Shoe Shine Boy
DeForest Covan was:
Michael Quinn
Major Domo
Michael Quinn was:
Robert Pine
Apprentice #1
Robert Pine was:
Jerry Fogel
Apprentice #2
Jerry Fogel was:
Dennis Dugan
Apprentice #3
Dennis Dugan was:
David Ladd
Apprentice #4
David Ladd was:
Bob Holt
Tour Guide
Bob Holt was:
Queenie Smith
Palsied Lady
Queenie Smith was:
Margaret Aikens Jenkins
Choral Director
Margaret Aikens Jenkins was:
Jonathan Kidd
Jonathan Kidd was:
Wally K. Berns
Theater Manager
Wally K. Berns was:
Dick Powell Jr.
Dick Powell
Dick Powell Jr. was:
Al Bain
Autograph Hunter (uncredited)
Al Bain was:
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