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Release Date: 1975-06-11 (46 years ago)
David Arkin
David Arkin was:
Barbara Baxley
Lady Pearl
Barbara Baxley was:
Ned Beatty
Delbert Reese
Ned Beatty was:
Karen Black
Connie White
Karen Black was:
Ronee Blakley
Barbara Jean
Ronee Blakley was:
Timothy Brown
Tommy Brown
Timothy Brown was:
Keith Carradine
Tom Frank
Keith Carradine was:
Geraldine Chaplin
Geraldine Chaplin was:
Robert DoQui
Wade Cooley
Robert DoQui was:
Shelley Duvall
Marthe aka "L. A. Joan"
Shelley Duvall was:
Allen Garfield
Allen Garfield was:
Henry Gibson
Haven Hamilton
Henry Gibson was:
Scott Glenn
Pfc. Glenn Kelly
Scott Glenn was:
Jeff Goldblum
Tricycle Man
Jeff Goldblum was:
Barbara Harris
Barbara Harris was:
David Hayward
Kenny Fraiser
David Hayward was:
Michael Murphy
John Triplette
Michael Murphy was:
Allan F. Nicholls
Allan F. Nicholls was:
Dave Peel
Bud Hamilton
Dave Peel was:
Cristina Raines
Cristina Raines was:
Bert Remsen
Bert Remsen was:
Lily Tomlin
Linnea Reese
Lily Tomlin was:
Gwen Welles
Sueleen Gay
Gwen Welles was:
Keenan Wynn
Mr. Green
Keenan Wynn was:
James Dan Calvert
Jimmy Reese
James Dan Calvert was:
Donna Denton
Donna Reese
Donna Denton was:
Merle Kilgore
Merle Kilgore was:
Carol McGinnis
Carol McGinnis was:
Sheila Bailey
Smokey Mountain Laurel
Sheila Bailey was:
Patti Bryant
Smokey Mountain Laurel
Patti Bryant was:
Richard Baskin
Richard Baskin was:
Jonnie Barnett
Jonnie Barnett
Jonnie Barnett was:
Vassar Clements
Vassar Clements
Vassar Clements was:
Sue Barton
Sue Barton
Sue Barton was:
Elliott Gould
Elliott Gould
Elliott Gould was:
Julie Christie
Julie Christie
Julie Christie was:
Steve Earle
Concert-goer (uncredited)
Steve Earle was:
Gailard Sartain
Man at Lunch Counter (uncredited)
Gailard Sartain was:
Joan Tewkesbury
Tom's Lover / Kenny's Mother (uncredited) (voice)
Joan Tewkesbury was:
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