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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Mr. Horn

Mr. Horn

Release Date: 1979-02-01 (42 years ago)
David Carradine
Tom Horn
David Carradine was:
Richard Widmark
Al Sieber
Richard Widmark was:
Karen Black
Ernestina Crawford
Karen Black was:
Richard Masur
Sheriff Ed Smalley
Richard Masur was:
Clay Tanner
Lt. Henry Lawton
Clay Tanner was:
Pat McCormick
John Noble
Pat McCormick was:
Jack Starrett
Gen. George Crook
Jack Starrett was:
John Durren
Marshal Joe LeFlors
John Durren was:
Jeremy Slate
Capt. Emmet Crawford
Jeremy Slate was:
Enrique Lucero
Enrique Lucero was:
Stafford Morgan
Gen. Nelson Miles
Stafford Morgan was:
Don Collier
Mr. Nickell
Don Collier was:
James Oliver
Mickey Free
James Oliver was:
George Reynolds
1st Rustler
George Reynolds was:
William Smith Jr.
2nd Rustler
William Smith Jr. was:
Ian McLean
Fat Rustler
Ian McLean was:
Regino Herrera
Regino Herrera was:
Noé Murayama
Dandy Jim
Noé Murayama was:
Ramiro Ramírez
Dead Shot
Ramiro Ramírez was:
Alexis Jacks
Mandy Irwin
Alexis Jacks was:
Marilyn Starr
Pretty Saloon Girl
Marilyn Starr was:
Michael F. Tanner
Art Laughoff
Michael F. Tanner was:
Sunshine Parker
Vern Laughoff
Sunshine Parker was:
Dan Vadis
Gene Laughoff
Dan Vadis was:
Seamon Glass
Skinny Rustler
Seamon Glass was:
Lou Cutell
Small Man
Lou Cutell was:
Blackie Dammett
Small Rustler
Blackie Dammett was:
Billy Murphy
Willie Nickell
Billy Murphy was:
Tiger Williams
Tiger Williams was:
John Philip Dayton
Man on Street
John Philip Dayton was:
John Malloy
John Malloy was:
John Alderman
John Alderman was:
Leon Frederick
Livery Man
Leon Frederick was:
James Steward
Court Reporter
James Steward was:
Jon Jacobs
Deputy in Jail
Jon Jacobs was:
Javier Aguilera
Javier Aguilera was:
Boyd Cabeen
Townsman (uncredited)
Boyd Cabeen was:
Ken DuMain
Townsman (uncredited)
Ken DuMain was:
Rod McGaughy
Juror (uncredited)
Rod McGaughy was:
Monty O'Grady
Townsman (uncredited)
Monty O'Grady was:
John Quijada
Juror (uncredited)
John Quijada was:
Arnold Roberts
Assistant D.A. (uncredited)
Arnold Roberts was:
Jack Slate
Townsman (uncredited)
Jack Slate was:
Bill Walker
Townsman (uncredited)
Bill Walker was:
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