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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Invaders from Mars

Invaders from Mars

Release Date: 1986-01-01 (35 years ago)
Hunter Carson
David Gardner
Hunter Carson was:
Karen Black
Linda Magnusson
Karen Black was:
Timothy Bottoms
George Gardner
Timothy Bottoms was:
Laraine Newman
Ellen Gardner
Laraine Newman was:
James Karen
Gen. Climet Wilson
James Karen was:
Bud Cort
Mark Weinstein
Bud Cort was:
Louise Fletcher
Mrs. McKeltch
Louise Fletcher was:
Eric Pierpoint
Sgt. Maj. Rinaski
Eric Pierpoint was:
Christopher Allport
Captain Curtis
Christopher Allport was:
Virginya Keehne
Virginya Keehne was:
Kenneth Kimmins
Officer Kenney
Kenneth Kimmins was:
Charlie Dell
Mr. Cross
Charlie Dell was:
Chris Hebert
Chris Hebert was:
Mason Nupuf
Mason Nupuf was:
William Frankfather
Ed, Heather's Father
William Frankfather was:
Debra Berger
Corporal Walker
Debra Berger was:
Eddy Donno
Eddy Donno was:
Mark Giardino
Mark Giardino was:
Donald Hotton
Old NASA Scientist
Donald Hotton was:
Jimmy Hunt
Police Chief
Jimmy Hunt was:
William Bassett
NASA Scientist
William Bassett was:
Dale Dye
Squad Leader
Dale Dye was:
Scott Leva
Marine Officer
Scott Leva was:
Steven Lambert
Demolition Man
Steven Lambert was:
Debbie Lee Carrington
Debbie Lee Carrington was:
Tony Cox
Tony Cox was:
Sal Fondacaro
Sal Fondacaro was:
Randall Wulff
Young Marine / Drone
Randall Wulff was:
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