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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

In Praise Of Older Women

In Praise Of Older Women

Release Date: 1978-09-22 (43 years ago)
Karen Black
Karen Black was:
Tom Berenger
Andras Vayda
Tom Berenger was:
Susan Strasberg
Susan Strasberg was:
Helen Shaver
Ann MacDonald
Helen Shaver was:
Marilyn Lightstone
Marilyn Lightstone was:
Alexandra Stewart
Alexandra Stewart was:
Marianne McIsaac
Marianne McIsaac was:
Alberta Watson
Alberta Watson was:
Ian Tracey
Andras Vayda Jr.
Ian Tracey was:
Monique Lepage
The Countess
Monique Lepage was:
Louise Marleau
Woman in Elevator
Louise Marleau was:
Jill Frappier
Lady Teacher
Jill Frappier was:
Mignon Elkins
Mother Vayda
Mignon Elkins was:
Joan Stuart
Aunt Alice
Joan Stuart was:
John Bayliss
Glen MacDonald
John Bayliss was:
John Granik
Tom Horvath
John Granik was:
Budd Knapp
Father Confessor
Budd Knapp was:
Earl Pennington
Professor Hargitay
Earl Pennington was:
Michael Kirby
Tibor Kovacs
Michael Kirby was:
Bronwen Mantel
Woman in Cafe
Bronwen Mantel was:
Wally Martin
The Janitor
Wally Martin was:
Arden R. Ryshpan
Berenice (as Arden Ryshpan)
Arden R. Ryshpan was:
Tibor Polgár
The Pianist (as Tibor Polgar)
Tibor Polgár was:
Julie Wildman
Woman at Party
Julie Wildman was:
Julie Morand
Girl Student
Julie Morand was:
Griffith Brewer
The Fiacre Driver
Griffith Brewer was:
Walter Bolton
Second Waiter
Walter Bolton was:
Martha Parker
Girl at Dance
Martha Parker was:
Robert King
Man with Proclamation
Robert King was:
Arthur Grosser
Party Host
Arthur Grosser was:
Jeannette Casenave
Party Hostess
Jeannette Casenave was:
Alexander Godfrey
First Waiter
Alexander Godfrey was:
Tina Shuster
Second Girl at Dance
Tina Shuster was:
Danny Brainin
Youth in Class
Danny Brainin was:
Casey Stevens
Second Student
Casey Stevens was:
Peter Gottlieb
Boy on Staircase
Peter Gottlieb was:
Henry Ramer
Narrator (voice)
Henry Ramer was:
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