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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

House of 1000 Corpses

House of 1000 Corpses

Release Date: 2003-04-11 (18 years ago)
Sid Haig
Captain Spaulding
Sid Haig was:
Bill Moseley
Otis B. Driftwood
Bill Moseley was:
Sheri Moon Zombie
Baby Firefly
Sheri Moon Zombie was:
Karen Black
Mother Firefly
Karen Black was:
Erin Daniels
Denise Willis
Erin Daniels was:
Chris Hardwick
Jerry Goldsmith
Chris Hardwick was:
Rainn Wilson
Bill Hudley
Rainn Wilson was:
Jennifer Jostyn
Mary Knowles
Jennifer Jostyn was:
Tom Towles
Lieutenant George Wydell
Tom Towles was:
Walton Goggins
Deputy Steve Naish
Walton Goggins was:
Matthew McGrory
Tiny Firefly
Matthew McGrory was:
Robert Allen Mukes
Rufus 'RJ' Firefly Jr.
Robert Allen Mukes was:
Dennis Fimple
Grandpa Hugo Firefly
Dennis Fimple was:
Jake McKinnon
Rufus 'Earl' Firefly Sr.
Jake McKinnon was:
Harrison Young
Don Willis
Harrison Young was:
Irwin Keyes
Irwin Keyes was:
Michael J. Pollard
Michael J. Pollard was:
Chad Bannon
Killer Karl
Chad Bannon was:
William Bassett
Sheriff Frank Huston
William Bassett was:
David Reynolds
Richard 'Little Dick' Wick
David Reynolds was:
Joe Dobbs III
Gerry Ober
Joe Dobbs III was:
Judith Drake
Skunk Ape Wife
Judith Drake was:
Gregg Gibbs
Dr. Wolfenstein
Gregg Gibbs was:
Ken Johnson
Skunk Ape Husband
Ken Johnson was:
Irvin Mosley Jr.
Lewis Dover
Irvin Mosley Jr. was:
Tom Towles
George Wydell
Tom Towles was:
Walter Phelan
Dr. Satan
Walter Phelan was:
Rob Zombie
Dr. Wolfenstein's assistant (uncredited)
Rob Zombie was:
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