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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Gypsy 83

Gypsy 83

Release Date: 2001-01-01 (20 years ago)
Sara Rue
Gypsy Vale
Sara Rue was:
Kett Turton
Clive Webb
Kett Turton was:
Karen Black
Bambi LeBleau
Karen Black was:
John Doe
Ray Vale
John Doe was:
Anson Scoville
Zechariah Peachey
Anson Scoville was:
Paulo Costanzo
Paulo Costanzo was:
Carolyn Baeumler
Carolyn Baeumler was:
Stephanie McVay
Polly Pearl
Stephanie McVay was:
Amanda Talbot
Amanda Talbot was:
Vera Beren
Empress Chi Chi Valenti
Vera Beren was:
Eileen Letchworth
Mrs. Larson
Eileen Letchworth was:
Andersen Gabrych
Andersen Gabrych was:
Michael Cavadias
Michael Cavadias was:
Heather Litteer
Kitty Boots
Heather Litteer was:
Matthew Faust
Fraternity Pledge
Matthew Faust was:
Tyler Morgan
Fraternity Pledge
Tyler Morgan was:
Jesse Adams
Very Butch Doorman
Jesse Adams was:
Nancy Arons
Trailer Trash Mommie
Nancy Arons was:
James K. Baylis
Empress Chi Chi's Attendant
James K. Baylis was:
Velma J. Bowen
Twirling Stevie
Velma J. Bowen was:
Michael Buckley
Empress Chi Chi's Attendant
Michael Buckley was:
Darlene Clair
Twirling Stevie
Darlene Clair was:
Casey Dickerson
Empress Chi Chi's Attendant
Casey Dickerson was:
Bear Sheppard
Twirling Stevie
Bear Sheppard was:
Chris Slone
Club Patron
Chris Slone was:
Stanley Wall
Stanley Wall was:
Marlene Wallace
Velvet Vale
Marlene Wallace was:
Velvet Vale
Stevie extra (uncredited)
Velvet Vale was:
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