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Conceiving Ada

Conceiving Ada

Release Date: 1999-02-19 (22 years ago)
Tilda Swinton
Ada Augusta Byron King, Countess of Lovelace
Tilda Swinton was:
Francesca Faridany
Emmy Coer
Francesca Faridany was:
Timothy Leary
Timothy Leary was:
Karen Black
Lady Byron / Mother Coer
Karen Black was:
John Perry Barlow
John Crosse
John Perry Barlow was:
John O'Keefe
Charles Babbage
John O'Keefe was:
J.D. Wolfe
Nicholas Clayton
J.D. Wolfe was:
Owen Murphy
William Lovelace
Owen Murphy was:
David Brooks
Children's Tutor
David Brooks was:
Esther Mulligan
Mary Shelley
Esther Mulligan was:
Ellen Sebastian
Dr. Fury
Ellen Sebastian was:
Mark Capri
Dr. Locock
Mark Capri was:
Joe Wemple
Priest / Talk Show Host
Joe Wemple was:
Chris von Sneidern
Musician In Elevator
Chris von Sneidern was:
David Eppel
David Eppel was:
R.U. Sirius
R.U. Sirius was:
Kashka Peck
Teenage Ada
Kashka Peck was:
Rose Lockwood
Child Ada / Claire
Rose Lockwood was:
Jesse Talman Boss
Baby Ada
Jesse Talman Boss was:
Lillian L. Malmberg
Anne Isabelle Byron
Lillian L. Malmberg was:
Cyrus Mare
Ralph Byron
Cyrus Mare was:
Michael Oosterom
Lord Byron
Michael Oosterom was:
Pollyanna Jacobs
Cocktail Server
Pollyanna Jacobs was:
Roger Shaw
Priest (voice)
Roger Shaw was:
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