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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Can She Bake A Cherry Pie?

Can She Bake A Cherry Pie?

Release Date: 1983-09-10 (38 years ago)
Michael Emil
Michael Emil was:
Karen Black
Karen Black was:
Michael Margotta
Michael Margotta was:
Martin Harvey Friedberg
Martin Harvey Friedberg was:
Frances Fisher
Frances Fisher was:
Anna Raviv
Young Woman At Cafe
Anna Raviv was:
Robert Hallak
Young Man At Cafe
Robert Hallak was:
Daniel W. Fitzgerald
Band Member (as the Lost Wandering Blues Band)
Daniel W. Fitzgerald was:
George Bacon
Band Member (as the Lost Wandering Blues Band)
George Bacon was:
Joe Price
Band Member (as the Lost Wandering Blues Band)
Joe Price was:
William Gross
Band Member (as the Lost Wandering Blues Band)
William Gross was:
Paul Williams
Zee's Husband
Paul Williams was:
Robert Schwimmer
Zee's Pianist
Robert Schwimmer was:
Madeline Silver
Eli's Ex-Wife
Madeline Silver was:
Ariela Nicole
Eli's Daughter
Ariela Nicole was:
Nicolo Ritolo
Hansom Cab Driver
Nicolo Ritolo was:
Sandra Timpani
Eli's Office Worker
Sandra Timpani was:
Danielle Bates
Eli's Office Worker
Danielle Bates was:
Eva Vita
Eli's Office Worker
Eva Vita was:
Larry David
Mort's Friend At Cafe
Larry David was:
Kyly Sicher
Cafe Waitress
Kyly Sicher was:
Charlene Greco
Cafe Waitress
Charlene Greco was:
Arnon Milchan
Customer at Cafe
Arnon Milchan was:
Carol Kane
Customer At Cafe
Carol Kane was:
Jan Herrero
Customer At Cafe
Jan Herrero was:
Richard Cox
Customer At Cafe
Richard Cox was:
Meir Teper
Customer At Cafe
Meir Teper was:
Jonathan Feldman
Customer At Cafe
Jonathan Feldman was:
Geraldine Baron
Customer At Cafe
Geraldine Baron was:
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