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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Airport 1975

Airport 1975

Release Date: 1974-10-18 (46 years ago)
Charlton Heston
Alan Murdock
Charlton Heston was:
Karen Black
Nancy Pryor
Karen Black was:
George Kennedy
Joe Patroni
George Kennedy was:
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Captain Stacy
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. was:
Susan Clark
Helen Patroni
Susan Clark was:
Helen Reddy
Sister Ruth
Helen Reddy was:
Gloria Swanson
Gloria Swanson
Gloria Swanson was:
Linda Blair
Janice Abbott
Linda Blair was:
Dana Andrews
Scott Freeman
Dana Andrews was:
Roy Thinnes
Roy Thinnes was:
Sid Caesar
Sid Caesar was:
Myrna Loy
Mrs. Devaney
Myrna Loy was:
Ed Nelson
Major Alexander
Ed Nelson was:
Nancy Olson
Mrs. Abbott
Nancy Olson was:
Larry Storch
Glenn Purcell
Larry Storch was:
Martha Scott
Sister Beatrice
Martha Scott was:
Jerry Stiller
Jerry Stiller was:
Norman Fell
Norman Fell was:
Conrad Janis
Conrad Janis was:
Beverly Garland
Mrs. Freeman
Beverly Garland was:
Linda Harrison
Linda Harrison was:
Guy Stockwell
Colonel Moss
Guy Stockwell was:
Erik Estrada
Erik Estrada was:
Kip Niven
Lieutenant Thatcher
Kip Niven was:
Charles White
Fat Man
Charles White was:
Brian Morrison
Joseph Patroni
Brian Morrison was:
Amy Farrell
Amy Farrell was:
Irene Tsu
Irene Tsu was:
Ken Sansom
Ken Sansom was:
Alan Fudge
Alan Fudge was:
Christopher Norris
Christopher Norris was:
Austin Stoker
Air Force Sergeant
Austin Stoker was:
John Lupton
John Lupton was:
Gene Dynarski
Friend #1
Gene Dynarski was:
Aldine King
Aldine King was:
Sharon Gless
Sharon Gless was:
Laurette Spang
Laurette Spang was:
Marjorie Bennett
50th Anniversary Celebrant (uncredited)
Marjorie Bennett was:
David Carlile
Fred Fuller (uncredited)
David Carlile was:
Robert Ito
Passenger (uncredited)
Robert Ito was:
Christiane Schmidtmer
Angie Bell (uncredited)
Christiane Schmidtmer was:
Sally Yarnell
Passenger (uncredited)
Sally Yarnell was:
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