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Poster of Confessions


Release Date: Friday, June 4 2010 (12 years ago)
Portrait of Takako MatsuTakako Matsu
Yuko Moriguchi
Takako Matsu was:
Portrait of Masaki OkadaMasaki Okada
Yoshiteru Terada
Masaki Okada was:
Portrait of Yoshino KimuraYoshino Kimura
Naoki's mother
Yoshino Kimura was:
Portrait of Yukito NishiiYukito Nishii
Shuya Watanabe
Yukito Nishii was:
Portrait of Kaoru FujiwaraKaoru Fujiwara
Naoki Shimomura
Kaoru Fujiwara was:
Portrait of Ai HashimotoAi Hashimoto
Mizuki Kitahara
Ai Hashimoto was:
Portrait of Naoki IchiiNaoki Ichii
Yusuke Hoshino
Naoki Ichii was:
Portrait of Kai InowakiKai Inowaki
Yuma Maekawa
Kai Inowaki was:
Portrait of Yuiko KariyaYuiko Kariya
Runa Miura
Yuiko Kariya was:
Portrait of Naoya ShimizuNaoya Shimizu
Tadashi Kanzaki
Naoya Shimizu was:
Portrait of NonNon
Shuka Kiritani
Non was:
Portrait of Hotaru NomotoHotaru Nomoto
Saki Matsukawa
Hotaru Nomoto was:
Portrait of Ayaka MiyoshiAyaka Miyoshi
Ayaka Tsuchida
Ayaka Miyoshi was:
Portrait of Kasumi YamayaKasumi Yamaya
Yukari Naito
Kasumi Yamaya was:
Portrait of Ayuri YoshinagaAyuri Yoshinaga
Asuka Nonaka
Ayuri Yoshinaga was:
Portrait of Hirofumi AraiHirofumi Arai
Shuya's Father
Hirofumi Arai was:
Portrait of Makiya YamaguchiMakiya Yamaguchi
Masayoshi Sakuranomiya
Makiya Yamaguchi was:
Portrait of Ikuyo KurodaIkuyo Kuroda
Shuya's Mother
Ikuyo Kuroda was:
Portrait of Mana AshidaMana Ashida
Manami Moriguchi (Yuko's Daughter)
Mana Ashida was:
Portrait of Yuko ArakiYuko Araki
Student (uncredited)
Yuko Araki was:
Portrait of Hiroki NakajimaHiroki Nakajima
Satoshi Kamiyama
Hiroki Nakajima was:
Portrait of Yui ItoYui Ito
Miyu Ishino
Yui Ito was:
Portrait of Ai KurikiAi Kuriki
Maki Sasaki
Ai Kuriki was:
Portrait of Yuma OkuraYuma Okura
Shota Abe
Yuma Okura was:
Portrait of Takuya KusakawaTakuya Kusakawa
Hiroki Takahashi
Takuya Kusakawa was:
Portrait of Kazunori MimuraKazunori Mimura
Kazunori Hiketa
Kazunori Mimura was:
Portrait of Sora IwataSora Iwata
Kana Nishiyama
Sora Iwata was:
Portrait of Kanon NanakiKanon Nanaki
Hino Harukamei
Kanon Nanaki was:
Portrait of Maaya KondoMaaya Kondo
Risa Otani
Maaya Kondo was:
Portrait of Tsutomu TakahashiTsutomu Takahashi
Tsutomu Takahashi was:
Portrait of Kinuo YamadaKinuo Yamada
Kinuo Yamada was:
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