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Fishtales 3

Plot: Fin and Fifi are nervous before their first day of school. However, once they arrive and see their excited classmates, the brother and sister fish begin to relax and discover that they enjoy learning about interesting subjects and going on fun undersea adventures
Release Date: Friday, September 14 2018
5 years ago
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Portrait of KJ SchrockKJ Schrock
KJ Schrock was
52 in Fishtales 3.
as ''.
Sat, Jun 18 1966 –
Sun, Jan 09 2022
Portrait of April RoseApril Rose
April Rose was
30 in Fishtales 3.
as ''.
Tue, Nov 03 1987


Portrait of Evan TramelEvan Tramel
Evan Tramel was
>> in Fishtales 3.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Lisa BagetLisa Baget
Lisa Baget was
>> in Fishtales 3.
Unknown Birthday