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The Bug Killer

The Bug Killer

Release Date: 1971-07-19 (49 years ago)
Dragan Radulović
Milan Gašić
Dragan Radulović was:
Danilo 'Bata' Stojković
Živan Gašić
Danilo 'Bata' Stojković was:
Radmila Savićević
Rajka Gašić
Radmila Savićević was:
Gizela Vuković
Milesa Gašić
Gizela Vuković was:
Žarko Bajić
Kojadin Čarnić
Žarko Bajić was:
Dušan Janićijević
Dušan Janićijević was:
Zlata Petković
Zlata Petković was:
Milan Srdoč
Drug iz zavoda za zapošljavanje
Milan Srdoč was:
Živka Matić
Živka Matić was:
Melita Bihali
Milanka Jelić
Melita Bihali was:
Milan Jelić
Svetislav Jelić
Milan Jelić was:
Ljerka Draženović
Sanitarna inspektorka
Ljerka Draženović was:
Toma Kuruzović
Toma Kuruzović was:
Jovanka Kotlajić
Milanova baba
Jovanka Kotlajić was:
Vojislav Mićović
Vojislav Mićović was:
Ljubomir Ćipranić
Radnik u pekari
Ljubomir Ćipranić was:
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