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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

White Lions

White Lions

Release Date: 2011-04-28 (10 years ago)
Lazar Ristovski
Lazar Ristovski was:
Gordan Kičić
Gordan Kičić was:
Hristina Popović
Hristina Popović was:
Vuk Kostić
Vuk Kostić was:
Zorica Jovanović
Zorica Jovanović was:
Mira Banjac
Mira Banjac was:
Nikola Simić
Nikola Simić was:
Đorđe Erčević
Policajac 1
Đorđe Erčević was:
Aleksandar Filimonović
Aleksandar Filimonović was:
Milica Gutović
Crnka 1
Milica Gutović was:
Luka Jovanović
Luka Jovanović was:
Monika Kiš
Devojka sa velikim grudima
Monika Kiš was:
Vesna Pastorović
Crnka 2
Vesna Pastorović was:
Milan Tomić
Milan Tomić was:
Vlastimir Velisavljević
Stariji gospodin
Vlastimir Velisavljević was:
Jovan Ristovski
Radnik u fabrici
Jovan Ristovski was:
Marko Jeremić
Mrzovoljni mladoženja
Marko Jeremić was:
Đorđe Teodosić
Policajac 2
Đorđe Teodosić was:
Miomira Mašić-Ostojić
Debela mlada
Miomira Mašić-Ostojić was:
Mirko Videkanić
Ludak 1
Mirko Videkanić was:
Sandra Perović
Novinarka na televizoru
Sandra Perović was:
Miodrag Rakočević
Profesor na telefonu
Miodrag Rakočević was:
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