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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky

Release Date: 2017-08-17 (3 years ago)
Channing Tatum
Jimmy Logan
Channing Tatum was:
Adam Driver
Clyde Logan
Adam Driver was:
Riley Keough
Mellie Logan
Riley Keough was:
Daniel Craig
Joe Bang
Daniel Craig was:
Katie Holmes
Bobbie Jo Chapman
Katie Holmes was:
Katherine Waterston
Sylvia Harrison
Katherine Waterston was:
Seth MacFarlane
Max Chilblain
Seth MacFarlane was:
Dwight Yoakam
Warden Burns
Dwight Yoakam was:
Sebastian Stan
Dayton White
Sebastian Stan was:
Brian Gleeson
Sam Bang
Brian Gleeson was:
Jack Quaid
Fish Bang
Jack Quaid was:
David Denman
Moody Chapman
David Denman was:
Hilary Swank
Special Agent Sarah Grayson
Hilary Swank was:
Macon Blair
Special Agent Brad Noonan
Macon Blair was:
Farrah Mackenzie
Sadie Logan
Farrah Mackenzie was:
Jim O'Heir
Jim O'Heir was:
Rebecca Koon
Purple Lady
Rebecca Koon was:
Boden Johnston
Dylan Chapman
Boden Johnston was:
Sutton Johnston
Levi Chapman
Sutton Johnston was:
Charles Halford
Charles Halford was:
Alex Ross
Max's Non-Tourage #1
Alex Ross was:
Tom Archdeacon
Max's Non-Tourage #2
Tom Archdeacon was:
Eric Perez
Construction Worker
Eric Perez was:
William Mark McCullough
William Mark McCullough was:
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones was:
Joshua Hoover
Deputy #1
Joshua Hoover was:
Brian Allen
Deputy #2
Brian Allen was:
Lauren Revard
Sylvia's Colleague
Lauren Revard was:
Ann Mahoney
Gleema Purdue
Ann Mahoney was:
Ryan Blaney
Delivery Man
Ryan Blaney was:
LA Winters
CMS Receptionist
LA Winters was:
Whitney Graham
CMS Office Worker
Whitney Graham was:
Brad Keselowski
CMS Security Guard #1
Brad Keselowski was:
Joey Logano
CMS Security Guard #2
Joey Logano was:
Jon Eyez
Jon Eyez was:
Edward Gelhaus
Edward Gelhaus was:
PJ McDonnell
Inmate #1
PJ McDonnell was:
Robert Fortner
Inmate #2
Robert Fortner was:
Keith Hudson
Prison Guard #1
Keith Hudson was:
Michael Tourek
Prison Guard #2
Michael Tourek was:
Jesco White
Jesco White was:
Deneen Tyler
Prison Nurse
Deneen Tyler was:
C.C. Taylor
Inmate #3
C.C. Taylor was:
Shaun Michael Lynch
Prison Guard #3
Shaun Michael Lynch was:
Timothy J. Richardson
Prison Guard #4
Timothy J. Richardson was:
William Mahnken
Prison Guard #5
William Mahnken was:
Alvin Thomas
Prison Guard #6
Alvin Thomas was:
Caleb Emery
CMS Cashier
Caleb Emery was:
Kara Cantrell
Concession Manager
Kara Cantrell was:
Carl Edwards
West Virginia State Trooper #1
Carl Edwards was:
Kyle Busch
West Virginia State Trooper #2
Kyle Busch was:
Mike Joy
As Himself
Mike Joy was:
Darrell Waltrip
As Himself
Darrell Waltrip was:
Jeff Gordon
As Himself
Jeff Gordon was:
Ron Clinton Smith
Crew Chief
Ron Clinton Smith was:
Randy Havens
CMS Cashier Manager
Randy Havens was:
Alex ter Avest
Pre-Show Publicist
Alex ter Avest was:
Vince Welch
Pre-Show Interviewer
Vince Welch was:
Autumn Dial
Beer Girl
Autumn Dial was:
LeAnn Rimes
As Herself
LeAnn Rimes was:
Ellie Decker
CMS Concession Worker #1
Ellie Decker was:
Terence Rosemore
CMS Concession Worker #2
Terence Rosemore was:
Helen Abell
CMS Security Worker
Helen Abell was:
Hank Quillen
CMS Security Manager
Hank Quillen was:
Jerald Savage
CMS Police Officer #1
Jerald Savage was:
Matthew Cardarople
CMS Police Officer #2
Matthew Cardarople was:
Jerri Tubbs
Fire Department Dispatch
Jerri Tubbs was:
Matthew Brady
Fireman #1
Matthew Brady was:
Scott Parks
Fireman #2
Scott Parks was:
Lesa Wilson
Pageant Coordinator
Lesa Wilson was:
Danielle Trotta
As Herself
Danielle Trotta was:
Adam Alexander
As Himself
Adam Alexander was:
Stephanie Langston
Stephanie Langston was:
Jay Pearson
Police Spokesperson
Jay Pearson was:
Karen Wheeling Reynolds
Salon Customer #1
Karen Wheeling Reynolds was:
Suzanne Jordan Roush
Salon Customer #2
Suzanne Jordan Roush was:
Neva Howell
Woman on the News #1
Neva Howell was:
Stephanie Albanese
Woman on the News #2
Stephanie Albanese was:
Ito Aghayere
Female FBI Agent
Ito Aghayere was:
Brandon Ray Olive
CMS General Manager
Brandon Ray Olive was:
Kyle Larson
Limo driver
Kyle Larson was:
Jimmy Kustes
Cellie (uncredited)
Jimmy Kustes was:
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