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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Release Date: 2017-05-19 (3 years ago)
Jason Ian Drucker
Greg Heffley
Jason Ian Drucker was:
Alicia Silverstone
Alicia Silverstone was:
Tom Everett Scott
Tom Everett Scott was:
Charlie Wright
Charlie Wright was:
Owen Asztalos
Owen Asztalos was:
Wyatt Walters
Manny Heffley
Wyatt Walters was:
Dylan Walters
Manny Heffley
Dylan Walters was:
Joshua Hoover
Mac Digby
Joshua Hoover was:
Chris Coppola
Chris Coppola was:
Kimberli Lincoln
Mrs. Beardo
Kimberli Lincoln was:
Mira Silverman
Brandi Beardo
Mira Silverman was:
Carlos Guerrero
Carlos Guerrero was:
Danny Vinson
Hog Man
Danny Vinson was:
Stephen 'Big Steve' Dupree
Tall Farmer
Stephen 'Big Steve' Dupree was:
Neva Howell
Farmer Lady
Neva Howell was:
Ricky Muse
Butter Vendor
Ricky Muse was:
Taylor St. Clair
Taylor St. Clair was:
Kurt Yue
Fake Dad
Kurt Yue was:
Jacinte Blankenship
Security Guard
Jacinte Blankenship was:
Beth Keener
Beth Keener was:
Mimi Gould
Mimi Gould was:
Emma Wetzel
Country Fair Girl
Emma Wetzel was:
Elijah Marcano
Corny's Host
Elijah Marcano was:
Apollo GT
XBox Vendor / DXRacer Player
Apollo GT was:
Alma Kent
Teen Bystander
Alma Kent was:
Alexa Blair Robertson
Cute Girl #1
Alexa Blair Robertson was:
Courtney Lauren Cummings
Cute Girl #2
Courtney Lauren Cummings was:
Robert Hendren
Motorcycle Cop
Robert Hendren was:
Sofia Bowers
Pigtails Girl
Sofia Bowers was:
Jody Thompson
Uncle Gerald
Jody Thompson was:
Stephen Ruffin
Stephen Ruffin was:
Anthony Ianitello
Diaper Hands Cosplayer
Anthony Ianitello was:
Nathaniel Dickson
Brandon Beardo
Nathaniel Dickson was:
Jake Sterner
Brent Beardo
Jake Sterner was:
Bobby Akers
Gaming Expo Attendee (uncredited)
Bobby Akers was:
Lariah Alexandria
Corny Kid (uncredited)
Lariah Alexandria was:
Madison Alsobrook
Expo Kid (uncredited)
Madison Alsobrook was:
John Jacob Anderson
Video Game Vendor (uncredited)
John Jacob Anderson was:
Cassidy Balkcom
Corny's Waitress (uncredited)
Cassidy Balkcom was:
Taylor Barton
Fair Kid (uncredited)
Taylor Barton was:
Alicia Beshears
Fair Teen (uncredited)
Alicia Beshears was:
Kimberly Blaurock
Professional Cosplayer (uncredited)
Kimberly Blaurock was:
Joshua Booker
Gaming Expo Attendee (uncredited)
Joshua Booker was:
Maiya Boyd
Corny Heeley Kid (uncredited)
Maiya Boyd was:
Michael Bunch
Laughing Corny's Waiter (uncredited)
Michael Bunch was:
Benton Burnett
Cowboy Family (uncredited)
Benton Burnett was:
Randy Burnett
Cowboy Family (uncredited)
Randy Burnett was:
Jamel Chambers
Expo Gamer Attendee (uncredited)
Jamel Chambers was:
Jeremy Chesser
Corny Patron (uncredited)
Jeremy Chesser was:
Kristen Danielle
Expo Gamer (uncredited)
Kristen Danielle was:
Aerielle Dodson
Goth County Fair Patron (uncredited)
Aerielle Dodson was:
Olivia Dodson
County Fair Patron in Floral (uncredited)
Olivia Dodson was:
Jacob Evans
Expo Kid (uncredited)
Jacob Evans was:
Bina Forbes
Corny's Parent (uncredited)
Bina Forbes was:
Juan Gaspard
Festival Vendor (uncredited)
Juan Gaspard was:
James Gill
Steampunk Giant (uncredited)
James Gill was:
Ben Hammock
Fair Employee (uncredited)
Ben Hammock was:
Simone Kiffany Jenkins
Passenger (uncredited)
Simone Kiffany Jenkins was:
Kenneth Jones
Mechanic (uncredited)
Kenneth Jones was:
Tegan Jones
Party Guest (uncredited)
Tegan Jones was:
Jay D. Kacho
Man Splashed by the Pool (uncredited)
Jay D. Kacho was:
Jeff Kinney
Man at Player Expo (uncredited)
Jeff Kinney was:
Demetri Landell
Fanboy Gamer Expo / Fair Teen (uncredited)
Demetri Landell was:
Tylon Larry
Fair Kid (uncredited)
Tylon Larry was:
Shane Donovan Lewis
Corny's Kid (uncredited)
Shane Donovan Lewis was:
John Merical
Driver (uncredited)
John Merical was:
Ryan Newton
Gamer / Picture Car (uncredited)
Ryan Newton was:
Davis Pak
Boy (voice) (uncredited)
Davis Pak was:
Anthony Vance Pierce
Adult Fairgoer (uncredited)
Anthony Vance Pierce was:
Candy Rachor
Corny Patron (uncredited)
Candy Rachor was:
Jonathan Rush
Expo Gamer Attendee (uncredited)
Jonathan Rush was:
Jarreth Smith
Fairgoer (uncredited)
Jarreth Smith was:
Christina Michelle Williams
Corny Parent (uncredited)
Christina Michelle Williams was:
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