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Poster of The Karate Kid Part III

The Karate Kid Part III

Release Date: Thursday, June 29 1989 (33 years ago)
Portrait of Ralph MacchioRalph Macchio
Daniel LaRusso
Ralph Macchio was:
Portrait of Pat MoritaPat Morita
Mr. Miyagi
Pat Morita was:
Portrait of Robyn LivelyRobyn Lively
Jessica Andrews
Robyn Lively was:
Portrait of Thomas Ian GriffithThomas Ian Griffith
Terry Silver
Thomas Ian Griffith was:
Portrait of Martin KoveMartin Kove
John Kreese
Martin Kove was:
Portrait of Sean KananSean Kanan
Mike Barnes
Sean Kanan was:
Portrait of Jonathan AvildsenJonathan Avildsen
Jonathan Avildsen was:
Portrait of William Christopher FordWilliam Christopher Ford
William Christopher Ford was:
Portrait of Randee HellerRandee Heller
Lucille LaRusso
Randee Heller was:
Portrait of Pat E. JohnsonPat E. Johnson
Pat E. Johnson was:
Portrait of Rick HurstRick Hurst
Rick Hurst was:
Portrait of Frances BayFrances Bay
Mrs. Milo
Frances Bay was:
Portrait of Joseph V. PerryJoseph V. Perry
Uncle Louie
Joseph V. Perry was:
Portrait of Jan TřískaJan Tříska
Jan Tříska was:
Portrait of Diana WebsterDiana Webster
Diana Webster was:
Portrait of Patrick R. PosadaPatrick R. Posada
Man #1
Patrick R. Posada was:
Portrait of C. Darnell RoseC. Darnell Rose
Delivery Man
C. Darnell Rose was:
Portrait of Glenn MedeirosGlenn Medeiros
Glenn Medeiros was:
Portrait of Gabriel JarretGabriel Jarret
Gabriel Jarret was:
Portrait of Doc DuhameDoc Duhame
Security Guard
Doc Duhame was:
Portrait of Randell Dennis WidnerRandell Dennis Widner
Sparring Partner #1
Randell Dennis Widner was:
Portrait of Raymond S. SuaRaymond S. Sua
Sparring Partner #2
Raymond S. Sua was:
Portrait of Garth JohnsonGarth Johnson
Spectator #1
Garth Johnson was:
Portrait of E. David TetroE. David Tetro
Spectator #2
E. David Tetro was:
Portrait of Helen LinHelen Lin
Tahitian Girl #1
Helen Lin was:
Portrait of Meilani PaulMeilani Paul
Tahitian Girl #2
Meilani Paul was:
Portrait of John Timothy BotkaJohn Timothy Botka
Spectator (uncredited)
John Timothy Botka was:
Portrait of Earnest Hart Jr.Earnest Hart Jr.
Referee (uncredited)
Earnest Hart Jr. was:
Portrait of Fred MoonFred Moon
Airline Passenger (uncredited)
Fred Moon was:
Portrait of Marshal SilvermanMarshal Silverman
Italian Tailor (uncredited)
Marshal Silverman was:
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