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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Panic on the 5:22

Panic on the 5:22

Release Date: Wednesday, November 20 1974 (48 years ago)
Portrait of Ina BalinIna Balin
Countess Hedy Maria Tovarese
Ina Balin was:
Portrait of Bernie CaseyBernie Casey
Wendell Weaver
Bernie Casey was:
Portrait of Linden ChilesLinden Chiles
Tony Ebsen
Linden Chiles was:
Portrait of Andrew DugganAndrew Duggan
Harlan Jack Garner
Andrew Duggan was:
Portrait of Dana ElcarDana Elcar
Hal Rodgers
Dana Elcar was:
Portrait of Eduard FranzEduard Franz
Jerome Hartford
Eduard Franz was:
Portrait of Lynda Day GeorgeLynda Day George
Mary Ellen Lewis
Lynda Day George was:
Portrait of Laurence LuckinbillLaurence Luckinbill
Lawrence Lewis
Laurence Luckinbill was:
Portrait of Reni SantoniReni Santoni
Emil Linz
Reni Santoni was:
Portrait of James SloyanJames Sloyan
Frankie Scamantino
James Sloyan was:
Portrait of Robert WaldenRobert Walden
Eddie Chiario
Robert Walden was:
Portrait of Dennis PatrickDennis Patrick
Dudley Stevenson
Dennis Patrick was:
Portrait of Robert MandanRobert Mandan
Dr. Cruikshank
Robert Mandan was:
Portrait of Charles LampkinCharles Lampkin
George Lincoln
Charles Lampkin was:
Portrait of Joseph V. PerryJoseph V. Perry
Joseph V. Perry was:
Portrait of Byron MorrowByron Morrow
A.C. Thompson
Byron Morrow was:
Portrait of Derick StroudDerick Stroud
Shoeshine Boy
Derick Stroud was:
Portrait of George KramerGeorge Kramer
Harry Kinney
George Kramer was:
Portrait of Sam DeFazioSam DeFazio
Rick Apollo
Sam DeFazio was:
Portrait of Jasper NolanJasper Nolan
Jasper Nolan was:
Portrait of Mark ThomasMark Thomas
Tod Winslow
Mark Thomas was:
Portrait of Bernie KubyBernie Kuby
First Conductor
Bernie Kuby was:
Portrait of Allen JosephAllen Joseph
Hassidic Jew
Allen Joseph was:
Portrait of Arthur AdamsArthur Adams
Arthur Adams was:
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