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Poster of Herbie Rides Again

Herbie Rides Again

Release Date: Tuesday, February 12 1974 (48 years ago)
Portrait of Helen HayesHelen Hayes
Mrs. Steinmetz
Helen Hayes was:
Portrait of Ken BerryKen Berry
Willoughby Whitfield
Ken Berry was:
Portrait of Stefanie PowersStefanie Powers
Nicole Harris
Stefanie Powers was:
Portrait of John McIntireJohn McIntire
Mr. Judson
John McIntire was:
Portrait of Keenan WynnKeenan Wynn
Alonzo P Hawk
Keenan Wynn was:
Portrait of Chuck McCannChuck McCann
Chuck McCann was:
Portrait of Huntz HallHuntz Hall
Huntz Hall was:
Portrait of Ivor BarryIvor Barry
Ivor Barry was:
Portrait of Dan TobinDan Tobin
Dan Tobin was:
Portrait of Vito ScottiVito Scotti
Taxi Driver
Vito Scotti was:
Portrait of Raymond BaileyRaymond Bailey
Raymond Bailey was:
Portrait of Liam DunnLiam Dunn
Liam Dunn was:
Portrait of Elaine DevryElaine Devry
Elaine Devry was:
Portrait of Richard X. SlatteryRichard X. Slattery
Traffic Commissioner
Richard X. Slattery was:
Portrait of Hank JonesHank Jones
Sir Lancelot
Hank Jones was:
Portrait of Rod McCaryRod McCary
Red Knight
Rod McCary was:
Portrait of Don Pedro ColleyDon Pedro Colley
Don Pedro Colley was:
Portrait of Larry J. BlakeLarry J. Blake
Police Officer
Larry J. Blake was:
Portrait of Iggie WolfingtonIggie Wolfington
Lawyer - Second Team
Iggie Wolfington was:
Portrait of Jack ManningJack Manning
Lawyer - First Team
Jack Manning was:
Portrait of Hal BaylorHal Baylor
Demolition Truck Driver
Hal Baylor was:
Portrait of Herb VigranHerb Vigran
Window Washer
Herb Vigran was:
Portrait of James AlmanzarJames Almanzar
James Almanzar was:
Portrait of Candy CandidoCandy Candido
Candy Candido was:
Portrait of Edward AshleyEdward Ashley
Announcer at Chicken Race
Edward Ashley was:
Portrait of Norman GrabowskiNorman Grabowski
Security Guard #2
Norman Grabowski was:
Portrait of Hal WilliamsHal Williams
Hal Williams was:
Portrait of Irwin CharoneIrwin Charone
Lawyer - Second Team
Irwin Charone was:
Portrait of Gail BonneyGail Bonney
Rich Woman in Mansion
Gail Bonney was:
Portrait of Burt MustinBurt Mustin
Rich Man in Mansion
Burt Mustin was:
Portrait of John MyhersJohn Myhers
Announcer at San Francisco's Office of the President
John Myhers was:
Portrait of John StephensonJohn Stephenson
Lawyer - Second Team
John Stephenson was:
Portrait of Robert CarsonRobert Carson
Lawyer - First Team
Robert Carson was:
Portrait of Arthur SpaceArthur Space
Beach Caretaker
Arthur Space was:
Portrait of John HubbardJohn Hubbard
Angry Chauffeur
John Hubbard was:
Portrait of Fritz FeldFritz Feld
Maitre d'
Fritz Feld was:
Portrait of Alvy MooreAlvy Moore
Angry Taxi Driver
Alvy Moore was:
Portrait of Karl LukasKarl Lukas
Angry Construction Worker
Karl Lukas was:
Portrait of Paul MicalePaul Micale
Fisherman's Wharf Waiter
Paul Micale was:
Portrait of John ZarembaJohn Zaremba
Lawyer - First Team
John Zaremba was:
Portrait of Alan CarneyAlan Carney
Judge with Cigar at Chicken Run
Alan Carney was:
Portrait of Ken SansomKen Sansom
Lawyer - First Team
Ken Sansom was:
Portrait of Maurice MarsacMaurice Marsac
French Waiter
Maurice Marsac was:
Portrait of Martin BraddockMartin Braddock
Martin Braddock was:
Portrait of David MooneyDavid Mooney
Young Man Surfing (uncredited)
David Mooney was:
Portrait of Frank BakerFrank Baker
Man at Building Presentation (uncredited)
Frank Baker was:
Portrait of Alex BallAlex Ball
Man at Building Presentation (uncredited)
Alex Ball was:
Portrait of Spencer ChanSpencer Chan
Man at Building Presentation (uncredited)
Spencer Chan was:
Portrait of Dorothy KonradDorothy Konrad
Angry Woman in Crowd (uncredited)
Dorothy Konrad was:
Portrait of Joseph V. PerryJoseph V. Perry
First Cab Driver (uncredited)
Joseph V. Perry was:
Portrait of Lomax StudyLomax Study
Waiter with Cake (uncredited)
Lomax Study was:
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