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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of A Lovely Way to Die

A Lovely Way to Die

Release Date: Friday, April 19 1968 (54 years ago)
Portrait of Kirk DouglasKirk Douglas
Jameson Schuyler
Kirk Douglas was:
Portrait of Sylva KoscinaSylva Koscina
Rena Westabrook
Sylva Koscina was:
Portrait of Eli WallachEli Wallach
Tennessee Fredericks
Eli Wallach was:
Portrait of Kenneth HaighKenneth Haigh
Jonathan Fleming
Kenneth Haigh was:
Portrait of Martyn GreenMartyn Green
Martyn Green was:
Portrait of Sharon FarrellSharon Farrell
Sharon Farrell was:
Portrait of Ruth WhiteRuth White
Ruth White was:
Portrait of Philip BoscoPhilip Bosco
Philip Bosco was:
Portrait of Ralph WaiteRalph Waite
Sean Magruder
Ralph Waite was:
Portrait of Meg MylesMeg Myles
Mrs. Magruder
Meg Myles was:
Portrait of William RoerickWilliam Roerick
Loren Westabrook
William Roerick was:
Portrait of Dana ElcarDana Elcar
Dana Elcar was:
Portrait of Dolph SweetDolph Sweet
Captain Haver
Dolph Sweet was:
Portrait of Dee VictorDee Victor
Mrs. Gordon
Dee Victor was:
Portrait of Lincoln KilpatrickLincoln Kilpatrick
Lincoln Kilpatrick was:
Portrait of Marty GlickmanMarty Glickman
Racetrack Announcer (voice)
Marty Glickman was:
Portrait of Conrad BainConrad Bain
James Lawrence (uncredited)
Conrad Bain was:
Portrait of Jay BarneyJay Barney
The Real Finchley (uncredited)
Jay Barney was:
Portrait of Richard S. CastellanoRichard S. Castellano
Bartender (uncredited)
Richard S. Castellano was:
Portrait of Ron CharlesRon Charles
Barman (uncredited)
Ron Charles was:
Portrait of Leslie CharlesonLeslie Charleson
Julie (uncredited)
Leslie Charleson was:
Portrait of Ali MacGrawAli MacGraw
Melody (uncredited)
Ali MacGraw was:
Portrait of David A. CoxDavid A. Cox
Policeman (uncredited)
David A. Cox was:
Portrait of Robert DahdahRobert Dahdah
Crowd (uncredited)
Robert Dahdah was:
Portrait of Hank GarrettHank Garrett
Henderson (uncredited)
Hank Garrett was:
Portrait of Robert GerringerRobert Gerringer
Connor (uncredited)
Robert Gerringer was:
Portrait of Peter GordonPeter Gordon
Eric (uncredited)
Peter Gordon was:
Portrait of David HuddlestonDavid Huddleston
Man in Bar (uncredited)
David Huddleston was:
Portrait of Lora MitchellLora Mitchell
Autograph Seeker (uncredited)
Lora Mitchell was:
Portrait of Richmond NairneRichmond Nairne
Harris (uncredited)
Richmond Nairne was:
Portrait of Joseph V. PerryJoseph V. Perry
Reporter (uncredited)
Joseph V. Perry was:
Portrait of Gino PiserchioGino Piserchio
Michel (uncredited)
Gino Piserchio was:
Portrait of Doris RobertsDoris Roberts
Feeney (uncredited)
Doris Roberts was:
Portrait of John P. RyanJohn P. Ryan
Harry Samson (uncredited)
John P. Ryan was:
Portrait of Alex StevensAlex Stevens
Lumson (uncredited)
Alex Stevens was:
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