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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Insider

The Insider

Release Date: 1999-03-10 (22 years ago)
Al Pacino
Lowell Bergman
Al Pacino was:
Russell Crowe
Jeffrey Wigand
Russell Crowe was:
Christopher Plummer
Mike Wallace
Christopher Plummer was:
Diane Venora
Liane Wigand
Diane Venora was:
Philip Baker Hall
Don Hewitt
Philip Baker Hall was:
Lindsay Crouse
Sharon Tiller
Lindsay Crouse was:
Debi Mazar
Debbie De Luca
Debi Mazar was:
Stephen Tobolowsky
Eric Kluster
Stephen Tobolowsky was:
Colm Feore
Richard Scruggs
Colm Feore was:
Bruce McGill
Ron Motley
Bruce McGill was:
Gina Gershon
Helen Caperelli
Gina Gershon was:
Michael Gambon
Thomas Sandefur
Michael Gambon was:
Rip Torn
John Scanlon
Rip Torn was:
Lynne Thigpen
Mrs. Williams
Lynne Thigpen was:
Hallie Kate Eisenberg
Barbara Wigand
Hallie Kate Eisenberg was:
Michael Paul Chan
Norman the Cameraman
Michael Paul Chan was:
Linda Hart
Mrs. Wigand
Linda Hart was:
Robert Harper
Mark Stern
Robert Harper was:
Nestor Serrano
FBI Agent Robertson
Nestor Serrano was:
Pete Hamill
NY Times Reporter
Pete Hamill was:
Wings Hauser
Tobacco Lawyer
Wings Hauser was:
Cliff Curtis
Sheikh Fadlallah
Cliff Curtis was:
Renee Olstead
Deborah Wigand
Renee Olstead was:
Michael Moore
Michael Moore
Michael Moore was:
Gary Sandy
Sandefur's Lawyer
Gary Sandy was:
Willie C. Carpenter
John Harris
Willie C. Carpenter was:
Paul Butler
Charlie Phillips
Paul Butler was:
Jack Palladino
Jack Palladino
Jack Palladino was:
Megan Odebash
Sandra Sutherland
Megan Odebash was:
Roger Bart
Seelbach Hotel Manager
Roger Bart was:
Sayed Badreya
Hezbollah Head Gunman
Sayed Badreya was:
Chris Ufland
Doug Oliver - FDA
Chris Ufland was:
Douglas McGrath
Private Investigator
Douglas McGrath was:
Bill Sage
Intense Young Intern
Bill Sage was:
Joseph Hindy
Baldo the Editor
Joseph Hindy was:
Dennis Garber
FBI Agent #1
Dennis Garber was:
Tim Grimm
FBI Agent #2
Tim Grimm was:
Paul Perri
Geologist / FBI Man
Paul Perri was:
Wanda De Jesus
Geologist / FBI Woman
Wanda De Jesus was:
Robert Patrick Brink
Robert Patrick Brink was:
V.J. Foster
Bill Felling
V.J. Foster was:
James Harper
FBI Agent #3
James Harper was:
Eyal Podell
Lowell's Son
Eyal Podell was:
Breckin Meyer
Sharon's Son
Breckin Meyer was:
David Roberson
John Telefarro
David Roberson was:
David Clyde Carr
Local Newscaster
David Clyde Carr was:
Vyto Ruginis
Junior Lawyer
Vyto Ruginis was:
Saemi Nakamura
Japanese Waitress
Saemi Nakamura was:
Knox White
Knox White was:
David C. Fisher
Tobacco Executive (uncredited)
David C. Fisher was:
Phil Hawn
Businessman at Airport (uncredited)
Phil Hawn was:
Zane Lamprey
Man at Airport (uncredited)
Zane Lamprey was:
Robert Malone
Businessman at Airport (uncredited)
Robert Malone was:
Vin Morreale Jr
Al Pacino's Double (uncredited)
Vin Morreale Jr was:
Robert D. Parham
Lawyer (uncredited)
Robert D. Parham was:
Roger Phenix
TV Camera Crew at Trial (uncredited)
Roger Phenix was:
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