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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Shakespeare Live! From the RSC

Shakespeare Live! From the RSC

Release Date: 2016-04-23 (5 years ago)
David Tennant
David Tennant was:
Catherine Tate
Catherine Tate was:
Judi Dench
Judi Dench was:
Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch was:
Joseph Fiennes
Joseph Fiennes was:
Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen was:
David Suchet
David Suchet was:
Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren was:
Kingslee ‘Akala’ Daley
Kingslee ‘Akala’ Daley was:
Richard Atwill
Richard Atwill was:
Simon Russell Beale
Simon Russell Beale was:
Emma Carrington
Emma Carrington was:
Richard David-Caine
Richard David-Caine was:
Anne-Marie Duff
Anne-Marie Duff was:
Paapa Essiedu
Paapa Essiedu was:
Mariah Gale
Mariah Gale was:
Henry Goodman
Henry Goodman was:
Jalaal Hartley
Jalaal Hartley was:
Alex Hassell
Alex Hassell was:
Rufus Hound
Rufus Hound was:
Natey Jones
Natey Jones was:
Rory Kinnear
Rory Kinnear was:
John Lithgow
John Lithgow was:
Rhian Lois
Rhian Lois was:
Nitin Sawhney
Nitin Sawhney was:
Nicholas Lumley
Nicholas Lumley was:
Al Murray
Al Murray was:
Alison Moyet
Alison Moyet was:
Tim Minchin
Tim Minchin was:
Theo Ogundipe
Theo Ogundipe was:
Antony Sher
Antony Sher was:
Tom Stourton
Tom Stourton was:
Rufus Wainwright
Rufus Wainwright was:
Harriet Walter
Harriet Walter was:
Alex Waldmann
Alex Waldmann was:
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