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Love Ravings

Love Ravings

Release Date: 1986-11-13 (34 years ago)
Adolfo Marsillach
Juan Bautista Salgado (segment "Delirio 1")
Adolfo Marsillach was:
Amparo Muñoz
Angélica Durán (segment "Delirio 1")
Amparo Muñoz was:
Pepe Navarro
Tony Pardo (segment "Delirio 1")
Pepe Navarro was:
Paula Molina
Novia de Tony (segment "Delirio 1")
Paula Molina was:
Terele Pávez
Mujer en funeral (segment "Delirio 1")
Terele Pávez was:
Gonzalo García Pelayo
Hombre en funeral (segment "Delirio 1")
Gonzalo García Pelayo was:
Jaume Sisa
Ricardo Solfa (segment "Delirio 1") (as Ricardo Solfa)
Jaume Sisa was:
Estela Alcaraz
Mujer en funeral (segment "Delirio 1")
Estela Alcaraz was:
José Lifante
Chófer (segment "Delirio 1")
José Lifante was:
Álvaro Labra
Chófer (segment "Delirio 1")
Álvaro Labra was:
Isabel Escudero
Isabel Escudero (segment "Delirio 1")
Isabel Escudero was:
Lourdes Ferriol
Secretaria de Tony (segment "Delirio 1")
Lourdes Ferriol was:
Alejandra Grepi
Locutora TV (segment "Delirio 1")
Alejandra Grepi was:
Juan Calot
Marido de Mari Tere (segment "Delirio 2")
Juan Calot was:
Yolanda Ríos
Mari Tere (segment "Delirio 2")
Yolanda Ríos was:
Félix Rotaeta
Hombre de las flores (segment "Delirio 2")
Félix Rotaeta was:
Manuel de Benito
Federico (segment "Delirio 2") / Camarero (segment "Delirio 3") (as Manolo de Benito)
Manuel de Benito was:
Mavi Fernández
Mavi Fernández was:
Eduardo Santana
Eduardo Santana was:
Luis Mendo
Luis Mendo was:
Toni di Giraldo
Toni di Giraldo was:
Antonio Banderas
Amante de Jaime (segment "Delirio 3")
Antonio Banderas was:
Mario Gas
Jaime Vivar (segment "Delirio 3")
Mario Gas was:
Laura García Lorca
Mrs. Jackson (segment "Delirio 3")
Laura García Lorca was:
Juan José Otegui
Juan José Otegui was:
Ricardo Moya
Ricardo Moya was:
Pepa Valiente
Pepa Valiente was:
Verónica Luján
Luisa (segment "Delirio 3")
Verónica Luján was:
Elena Figueras
Secretaria de Jaime (segment "Delirio 3")
Elena Figueras was:
Enrique Benavent
Enrique Benavent was:
Cesáreo Estébanez
(as Cesario Estebánez)
Cesáreo Estébanez was:
Viviane Vives
Viviane Vives was:
Fernando Fernán Gómez
Fernando Fernán Gómez was:
Rosario Flores
Rosario Flores was:
Lola Manzano
Lola Manzano was:
Sergio Otegui
Sergio Otegui was:
Francisco Merino
Francisco Merino was:
Emilio Gutiérrez Caba
Ricardo (segment "Delirio 3") (uncredited)
Emilio Gutiérrez Caba was:
Laura Bayonas
Laura Bayonas was:
Carmen Maura
Carmen (segment "Delirio 3") (uncredited)
Carmen Maura was:
Marisa Paredes
Invitada de la fiesta (segment "Delirio 3") (uncredited)
Marisa Paredes was:
Walter Vidarte
Hombre en pub (segment "Delirio 3") (uncredited)
Walter Vidarte was:
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