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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Eyewitness


Release Date: 1970-06-05 (51 years ago)
Portrait of Mark LesterMark Lester
Mark Lester was:
Portrait of Lionel JeffriesLionel Jeffries
Lionel Jeffries was:
Portrait of Susan GeorgeSusan George
Susan George was:
Portrait of Tony BonnerTony Bonner
Tom Jones
Tony Bonner was:
Portrait of Jeremy KempJeremy Kemp
Inspector Galleria
Jeremy Kemp was:
Portrait of Peter VaughanPeter Vaughan
Paul Grazzini
Peter Vaughan was:
Portrait of Peter BowlesPeter Bowles
Victor Grazzini
Peter Bowles was:
Portrait of Betty MarsdenBetty Marsden
Madame Robiac
Betty Marsden was:
Portrait of Joseph FürstJoseph Fürst
Local Police Sergeant
Joseph Fürst was:
Portrait of David LodgeDavid Lodge
Local Policeman
David Lodge was:
Portrait of Anthony StambouliehAnthony Stamboulieh
Police Lt Tacharie
Anthony Stamboulieh was:
Portrait of Robert RussellRobert Russell
Headquarters Policeman
Robert Russell was:
Portrait of John AllisonJohn Allison
Boutique Boy
John Allison was:
Portrait of Maxine KalliMaxine Kalli
Maxine Kalli was:
Portrait of Jonathan BurnJonathan Burn
Jonathan Burn was:
Portrait of Jeremy YoungJeremy Young
Jeremy Young was:
Portrait of Tommy EytleTommy Eytle
Visiting President
Tommy Eytle was:
Portrait of Christopher RobbieChristopher Robbie
Christopher Robbie was:
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