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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Blood from the Mummy's Tomb

Blood from the Mummy's Tomb

Release Date: 1971-06-16 (50 years ago)
Portrait of Valerie LeonValerie Leon
Margaret Fuchs / Queen Tera
Valerie Leon was:
Portrait of Andrew KeirAndrew Keir
Professor Julian Fuchs
Andrew Keir was:
Portrait of James VilliersJames Villiers
James Villiers was:
Portrait of Hugh BurdenHugh Burden
Geoffrey Dandridge
Hugh Burden was:
Portrait of George CoulourisGeorge Coulouris
Professor Berrigan
George Coulouris was:
Portrait of Mark EdwardsMark Edwards
Tod Browning
Mark Edwards was:
Portrait of Rosalie CrutchleyRosalie Crutchley
Helen Dickerson
Rosalie Crutchley was:
Portrait of Aubrey MorrisAubrey Morris
Doctor Putnum
Aubrey Morris was:
Portrait of David MarkhamDavid Markham
Doctor Burgess
David Markham was:
Portrait of Joan YoungJoan Young
Mrs. Caporal
Joan Young was:
Portrait of James CossinsJames Cossins
Older Male Nurse
James Cossins was:
Portrait of David JacksonDavid Jackson
Young Male Nurse
David Jackson was:
Portrait of Jonathan BurnJonathan Burn
Saturnine Young Man
Jonathan Burn was:
Portrait of Graham JamesGraham James
Youth in Museum
Graham James was:
Portrait of Tamara UstinovTamara Ustinov
Tamara Ustinov was:
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