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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2016-10-13 (5 years ago)
Tom Hanks
Robert Langdon
Tom Hanks was:
Felicity Jones
Sienna Brooks
Felicity Jones was:
Omar Sy
Christoph Bouchard
Omar Sy was:
Irrfan Khan
Harry Sims
Irrfan Khan was:
Sidse Babett Knudsen
Elizabeth Sinskey
Sidse Babett Knudsen was:
Ben Foster
Bertrand Zobrist
Ben Foster was:
Ana Ularu
Ana Ularu was:
Ida Darvish
Marta Alvarez
Ida Darvish was:
Paolo Antonio Simioni
Dr. Marconi
Paolo Antonio Simioni was:
Alessandro Grimaldi
Florence Hospital Taxi Driver
Alessandro Grimaldi was:
Fausto Maria Sciarappa
Fausto Maria Sciarappa was:
Robin Mugnaini
Apartment Carabinieri Captain
Robin Mugnaini was:
Paul Ritter
CRC Tech Arbogast
Paul Ritter was:
Vincenzo Tanassi
Boboli Gardens Policeman
Vincenzo Tanassi was:
Alessandro Fabrizi
Gallery Guard
Alessandro Fabrizi was:
Simone Mariani
Security Director
Simone Mariani was:
Gábor Urmai
Ignazio Busoni
Gábor Urmai was:
Jon Donahue
Jon Donahue was:
Fortunato Cerlino
Entrance Museum Guard
Fortunato Cerlino was:
Attila Árpa
Local CRC Agent
Attila Árpa was:
Kata Sarbó
Florence Airport Gate Keeper
Kata Sarbó was:
Francesca Inaudi
Venice Museum Guide
Francesca Inaudi was:
Maria Grazia Mandruzzato
Roma Merchant
Maria Grazia Mandruzzato was:
Philip Arditti
Professor (Istanbul)
Philip Arditti was:
Mehmet Ergen
Mehmet Ergen was:
Vincent Riotta
Death Mask Guard
Vincent Riotta was:
Luca Fiorilli
Video Technician
Luca Fiorilli was:
Cristian Stelluti
Bouchard Agent
Cristian Stelluti was:
Alberto Basaluzzo
Bouchard Agent
Alberto Basaluzzo was:
Gábor Nagypál
Student (Istanbul)
Gábor Nagypál was:
Gianni Annoni
Video Room Guard
Gianni Annoni was:
Yang Haiwen
CRC Tech
Yang Haiwen was:
Mirjam Novak
CRC Tech
Mirjam Novak was:
Rebecka Johnston
CRC Tech
Rebecka Johnston was:
Sardar Tagirovsky
CRC Tech
Sardar Tagirovsky was:
Gäbor Atlasz
Handless Beggar
Gäbor Atlasz was:
Gábor Dióssy
Handless Beggar
Gábor Dióssy was:
Peter Schueller
Concert Patron
Peter Schueller was:
Lili Gesler
Concert Patron
Lili Gesler was:
Felipe Torres Urso
Concert Patron
Felipe Torres Urso was:
Dino Conti
Death Mask Hall Guard
Dino Conti was:
Mario Acampa
Death Mask Hall Guard
Mario Acampa was:
Pasquale Corrente
Angry Motorist
Pasquale Corrente was:
Kerem Ozen
Turkish Control Tower Agent
Kerem Ozen was:
Xavier Laurent
Bouchard French Agent
Xavier Laurent was:
Büyükkol Mehmet Onur
Turkish WHO Agent
Büyükkol Mehmet Onur was:
Bálint Adorjáni
Turkish WHO Agent
Bálint Adorjáni was:
Zsolt Páll
WHO Cistern Agent
Zsolt Páll was:
Peter Linka
WHO Cistern Agent
Peter Linka was:
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