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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies

Release Date: 2015-10-15 (6 years ago)
Tom Hanks
James B. Donovan
Tom Hanks was:
Mark Rylance
Rudolf Abel
Mark Rylance was:
Amy Ryan
Mary Donovan
Amy Ryan was:
Alan Alda
Thomas Watters Jr.
Alan Alda was:
Sebastian Koch
Wolfgang Vogel
Sebastian Koch was:
Austin Stowell
Francis Gary Powers
Austin Stowell was:
Billy Magnussen
Doug Forrester
Billy Magnussen was:
Michael Simon Hall
Michael Simon Hall was:
Edward James Hyland
Chief Justice Earl Warren
Edward James Hyland was:
Stephen Kunken
William Tompkins
Stephen Kunken was:
Mike Houston
Man in Courtroom
Mike Houston was:
James Lorinz
Gentleman on Subway #2
James Lorinz was:
Michael Power
Michael Power was:
Joe Starr
Courthouse Reporter #1
Joe Starr was:
Merab Ninidze
Soviet Main Interrogator
Merab Ninidze was:
Greg Nutcher
NYPD Lieutenant James
Greg Nutcher was:
Scott Shepherd
Scott Shepherd was:
Jesse Plemons
Joe Murphy
Jesse Plemons was:
Domenick Lombardozzi
Agent Blasco
Domenick Lombardozzi was:
Eve Hewson
Carol Donovan
Eve Hewson was:
Noah Schnapp
Roger Donovan
Noah Schnapp was:
Jillian Lebling
Peggy Donovan
Jillian Lebling was:
Michael Gaston
Agent Williams
Michael Gaston was:
Peter McRobbie
Allen Dulles
Peter McRobbie was:
Joshua Harto
Joshua Harto was:
Mark Zak
Soviet Judge - Powers' Trial
Mark Zak was:
John Ohkuma
FBI Agent
John Ohkuma was:
Burghart Klaußner
Harald Ott
Burghart Klaußner was:
Mikhail Gorevoy
Ivan Schischkin
Mikhail Gorevoy was:
Max Mauff
Ott's Secretary
Max Mauff was:
Victor Verhaeghe
Agent Gamber
Victor Verhaeghe was:
Mark Fichera
FBI Agent #1
Mark Fichera was:
Brian Hutchison
FBI Agent #2
Brian Hutchison was:
Dakin Matthews
Judge Byers
Dakin Matthews was:
Joel Brady
Police Officer - Brooklyn Courthouse
Joel Brady was:
John Rue
Lynn Goodnough
John Rue was:
Michael Pemberton
Lie Detector Test Administrator
Michael Pemberton was:
Jon Curry
Agent Somner
Jon Curry was:
Wes McGee
U2 Pilot
Wes McGee was:
Jim C. Ferris
Jim C. Ferris was:
Haley Rawson
Haley Rawson was:
Ashlie Atkinson
Classroom Teacher
Ashlie Atkinson was:
Steven Boyer
Steven Boyer was:
John Henry Cox
Partner at Watters Law Firm
John Henry Cox was:
Will Rogers
Frederic Pryor
Will Rogers was:
Daniela Schulz
Family #1 at Berlin Wall Construction
Daniela Schulz was:
Nadja Bobyleva
Nadja Bobyleva was:
Joe Forbrich
Joe Forbrich was:
Patricia Squire
Older Lady on Subway
Patricia Squire was:
Henny Russell
Henny Russell was:
Nolan Lyons
Classroom Boy #1
Nolan Lyons was:
Hayley Feinstein
Classroom Girl #1
Hayley Feinstein was:
Victoria Leigh
Classroom Girl #2
Victoria Leigh was:
Jon Donahue
Agent Faye
Jon Donahue was:
Victor Schefé
Soviet Translator
Victor Schefé was:
Joachim Paul Assböck
East German Officer (uncredited)
Joachim Paul Assböck was:
Rainer Reiners
Cab Driver (uncredited)
Rainer Reiners was:
Hamilton Clancy
Courthouse Reporter
Hamilton Clancy was:
Tracy Howe
Angry NYPD Cop
Tracy Howe was:
Paul Jude Letersky
Lunch Box Neighbor (uncredited)
Paul Jude Letersky was:
Michael Wren Gucciardo
Courtroom Reporter (uncredited)
Michael Wren Gucciardo was:
Rafael Gareisen
East German Youth
Rafael Gareisen was:
Peter Conboy
Neighbor (uncredited)
Peter Conboy was:
Ron Komora
Justice Lafayette Black (uncredited)
Ron Komora was:
Michael Schenk
Cousin Drews
Michael Schenk was:
Sawyer Barth
Classroom Boy #2
Sawyer Barth was:
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