Poster of When the Redskins Rode

When the Redskins Rode

Release Date: Wednesday, May 30 1951
71 years ago
Portrait of Jon HallJon Hall
Prince Hannoc
Jon Hall was:
Tue, Feb 23 1915
Thu, Dec 13 1979
Portrait of Mary CastleMary Castle
Elizabeth Leeds
Mary Castle was:
Thu, Jan 22 1931
Wed, Apr 29 1998
Portrait of James SeayJames Seay
Col. George Washington
James Seay was:
Wed, Sep 09 1914
Sat, Oct 10 1992
Portrait of John RidgelyJohn Ridgely
Christopher Gist
John Ridgely was:
Mon, Sep 06 1909
Thu, Jan 18 1968
Portrait of Sherry MorelandSherry Moreland
Sherry Moreland was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Pedro de CordobaPedro de Cordoba
Chief Shingiss
Pedro de Cordoba would have been no older than:
Wed, Sep 28 1881
Sat, Sep 16 1950
Portrait of John DehnerJohn Dehner
John Delmont
John Dehner was:
Tue, Nov 23 1915
Tue, Feb 04 1992
Portrait of Lewis L. RussellLewis L. Russell
Gov. Dinwiddie
Lewis L. Russell was:
Tue, Sep 10 1889
Sun, Nov 12 1961
Portrait of William BakewellWilliam Bakewell
William Bakewell was:
Sat, May 02 1908
Thu, Apr 15 1993