Poster of Torrid Zone

Torrid Zone

Release Date: Saturday, May 18 1940
82 years ago
Portrait of James CagneyJames Cagney
Nick Butler
James Cagney was:
Mon, Jul 17 1899
Sun, Mar 30 1986
Portrait of Ann SheridanAnn Sheridan
Lee Donley
Ann Sheridan was:
Sun, Feb 21 1915
Sat, Jan 21 1967
Portrait of Pat O’BrienPat O’Brien
Steve Case
Pat O’Brien was:
Sat, Nov 11 1899
Sat, Oct 15 1983
Portrait of Andy DevineAndy Devine
Wally Davis
Andy Devine was:
Sat, Oct 07 1905
Fri, Feb 18 1977
Portrait of Helen VinsonHelen Vinson
Mrs. Gloria Anderson
Helen Vinson was:
Tue, Sep 17 1907
Thu, Oct 07 1999
Portrait of Jerome CowanJerome Cowan
Bob Anderson
Jerome Cowan was:
Tue, Oct 05 1897
Mon, Jan 24 1972
Portrait of George TobiasGeorge Tobias
Rosario La Mata
George Tobias was:
Sun, Jul 14 1901
Wed, Feb 27 1980
Portrait of George ReevesGeorge Reeves
George Reeves was:
Mon, Jan 05 1914
Tue, Jun 16 1959
Portrait of Victor KilianVictor Kilian
Victor Kilian was:
Fri, Mar 06 1891
Sun, Mar 11 1979
Portrait of Frank PugliaFrank Puglia
Police Chief Juan Rodriguez
Frank Puglia was:
Wed, Mar 09 1892
Sun, Oct 26 1975
Portrait of John RidgelyJohn Ridgely
John Ridgely was:
Mon, Sep 06 1909
Thu, Jan 18 1968
Portrait of Grady SuttonGrady Sutton
Grady Sutton was:
Thu, Apr 05 1906
Sun, Sep 17 1995
Portrait of Paul PorcasiPaul Porcasi
Paul Porcasi was:
Wed, Jan 01 1879
Thu, Aug 08 1946
Portrait of Frank YaconelliFrank Yaconelli
Frank Yaconelli was:
Sun, Oct 02 1898
Fri, Nov 19 1965
Portrait of Dick BotillerDick Botiller
Dick Botiller was:
Mon, Oct 12 1896
Tue, Mar 24 1953
Portrait of Frank MayoFrank Mayo
Frank Mayo was:
Fri, Jun 28 1889
Tue, Jul 09 1963
Portrait of Jack MowerJack Mower
Jack Mower was:
Fri, Sep 05 1890
Wed, Jan 06 1965
Portrait of Paul HurstPaul Hurst
Paul Hurst was:
Mon, Oct 15 1888
Fri, Feb 27 1953
Portrait of George RegasGeorge Regas
Sergeant of Police
George Regas was:
Sun, Nov 09 1890
Fri, Dec 13 1940
Portrait of Elvira SánchezElvira Sánchez
Elvira Sánchez was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Trevor BardetteTrevor Bardette
Policeman Escorting Lee on Ship
Trevor Bardette was:
Wed, Nov 19 1902
Mon, Nov 28 1977
Portrait of Max BlumMax Blum
Bit Part
Max Blum was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Joe DominguezJoe Dominguez
Manuel - Rosario's Henchman
Joe Dominguez was:
Mon, Mar 19 1894
Sat, Apr 11 1970
Portrait of George HumbertGeorge Humbert
Hotel Manager
George Humbert was:
Thu, Jul 29 1880
Wed, May 08 1963
Portrait of Manuel LópezManuel López
Chico - Rasario's Henchman
Manuel López was:
Sun, Mar 28 1909
Sat, Jan 31 1976
Portrait of Joe MolinasJoe Molinas
Joe Molinas was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Don OrlandoDon Orlando
Hotel Employee Hanging Mosquito Netting
Don Orlando was:
Sat, Feb 03 1912
Thu, Dec 10 1987
Portrait of Tony PatonTony Paton
Charley - Plantation Worker
Tony Paton was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Ralph PetersRalph Peters
First Train Engineer
Ralph Peters was:
Sun, Aug 03 1902
Sun, Apr 12 1959
Portrait of Ernesto PiedraErnesto Piedra
Ernesto Piedra was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Paul RenayPaul Renay
Jose - Rosario's Henchman
Paul Renay was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Victor SabiniVictor Sabini
Bit Part
Victor Sabini was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Betty SankoBetty Sanko
Bit Part
Betty Sanko was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Rafael AlcaydeRafael Alcayde
Rafael Alcayde was:
Fri, Oct 19 1906
Fri, Aug 27 1993
Portrait of Leo WhiteLeo White
Smiling Man to Whom Lee Sings
Leo White was:
Mon, Nov 10 1873
Mon, Sep 20 1948
Portrait of Tom WilsonTom Wilson
Passerby as Train Moves
Tom Wilson was:
Fri, Aug 27 1880
Fri, Feb 19 1965