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Poster of Torchy Runs for Mayor

Torchy Runs for Mayor

Release Date: Saturday, May 13 1939 (83 years ago)
Portrait of Glenda FarrellGlenda Farrell
Torchy Blane
Glenda Farrell was:
Portrait of Barton MacLaneBarton MacLane
Steve McBride
Barton MacLane was:
Portrait of Tom KennedyTom Kennedy
Tom Kennedy was:
Portrait of John MiljanJohn Miljan
Dr. Dolan
John Miljan was:
Portrait of Frank ShannonFrank Shannon
Captain McTavish
Frank Shannon was:
Portrait of Joe CunninghamJoe Cunningham
Maxie - Editor
Joe Cunningham was:
Portrait of George GuhlGeorge Guhl
Desk Sergeant Graves
George Guhl was:
Portrait of Joe DowningJoe Downing
Spuds O'Brien
Joe Downing was:
Portrait of Irving BaconIrving Bacon
Hubert Ward
Irving Bacon was:
Portrait of John ButlerJohn Butler
Chuck Ball
John Butler was:
Portrait of Charles RichmanCharles Richman
Mayor John Saunders
Charles Richman was:
Portrait of John HarronJohn Harron
John Harron was:
Portrait of Fern BarryFern Barry
Secretary (uncredited)
Fern Barry was:
Portrait of Sidney BraceySidney Bracey
Dolan's Butler (uncredited)
Sidney Bracey was:
Portrait of Tommy BuppTommy Bupp
Urchin (uncredited)
Tommy Bupp was:
Portrait of Glen CavenderGlen Cavender
Store Customer (uncredited)
Glen Cavender was:
Portrait of Jimmy ConlinJimmy Conlin
Coroner (uncredited)
Jimmy Conlin was:
Portrait of Alice ConnorsAlice Connors
Secretary (uncredited)
Alice Connors was:
Portrait of Hal CraigHal Craig
Detective Dexter (uncredited)
Hal Craig was:
Portrait of Jack DaleyJack Daley
Fred C. Tyler - Second Editor (uncredited)
Jack Daley was:
Portrait of Joe DevlinJoe Devlin
Stone - Dolan Henchman (uncredited)
Joe Devlin was:
Portrait of Frank FanningFrank Fanning
Detective (uncredited)
Frank Fanning was:
Portrait of Walter FennerWalter Fenner
Mr. Skinner - Star Publisher (uncredited)
Walter Fenner was:
Portrait of Chester GanChester Gan
Ling - Ward's Assistant (uncredited)
Chester Gan was:
Portrait of Jack A. GoodrichJack A. Goodrich
Photographer at Murder Scene (uncredited)
Jack A. Goodrich was:
Portrait of Eddie GrahamEddie Graham
Monk - Henchman (uncredited)
Eddie Graham was:
Portrait of Kit GuardKit Guard
Kidnap Henchman with Torchy (uncredited)
Kit Guard was:
Portrait of Kenneth HarlanKenneth Harlan
Stan - Star Advertising Manager (uncredited)
Kenneth Harlan was:
Portrait of Stuart HolmesStuart Holmes
Mr. James (uncredited)
Stuart Holmes was:
Portrait of Tom McGuireTom McGuire
Detective Tom (uncredited)
Tom McGuire was:
Portrait of Wedgwood NowellWedgwood Nowell
H.T.Cope - Third Editor (uncredited)
Wedgwood Nowell was:
Portrait of John RidgelyJohn Ridgely
Photographer in Mayor's Office (uncredited)
John Ridgely was:
Portrait of Dave RobertsDave Roberts
Radio Announcer (uncredited)
Dave Roberts was:
Portrait of Jeffrey SayreJeffrey Sayre
A. Dalzell - First Editor (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre was:
Portrait of Millard VincentMillard Vincent
Dr. Reynolds (uncredited)
Millard Vincent was:
Portrait of Claude WisbergClaude Wisberg
Newsboy (uncredited)
Claude Wisberg was:
Portrait of Jack WiseJack Wise
Police Stenographer (uncredited)
Jack Wise was:
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