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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Man Who Talked Too Much

The Man Who Talked Too Much

Release Date: Tuesday, July 16 1940 (82 years ago)
Portrait of George BrentGeorge Brent
Stephen Forbes
George Brent was:
Portrait of Virginia BruceVirginia Bruce
Joan Reed
Virginia Bruce was:
Portrait of Brenda MarshallBrenda Marshall
Celia Farrady
Brenda Marshall was:
Portrait of Richard BarthelmessRichard Barthelmess
J.B. Roscoe
Richard Barthelmess was:
Portrait of William LundiganWilliam Lundigan
Johnny Forbes
William Lundigan was:
Portrait of George TobiasGeorge Tobias
Slug McNutt
George Tobias was:
Portrait of John LitelJohn Litel
District Attorney Dickson
John Litel was:
Portrait of Henry ArmettaHenry Armetta
Tony Spirella
Henry Armetta was:
Portrait of Alan BaxterAlan Baxter
Joe Garland
Alan Baxter was:
Portrait of David BruceDavid Bruce
Gerald Wilson
David Bruce was:
Portrait of Clarence KolbClarence Kolb
E.A. Smith
Clarence Kolb was:
Portrait of Louis Jean HeydtLouis Jean Heydt
Louis Jean Heydt was:
Portrait of Marc LawrenceMarc Lawrence
Lefty Kyler
Marc Lawrence was:
Portrait of Edwin StanleyEdwin Stanley
District Attorney Nelson
Edwin Stanley was:
Portrait of Elliott SullivanElliott Sullivan
Elliott Sullivan was:
Portrait of Dick RichDick Rich
Dick Rich was:
Portrait of Phyllis HamiltonPhyllis Hamilton
Phyllis Hamilton was:
Portrait of John RidgelyJohn Ridgely
John Ridgely was:
Portrait of William ForrestWilliam Forrest
Federal District Attorney F.R. Greene
William Forrest was:
Portrait of Maris WrixonMaris Wrixon
Roscoe's Secretary
Maris Wrixon was:
Portrait of Margaret HayesMargaret Hayes
Governor's Secretary
Margaret Hayes was:
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