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Poster of Steel Against the Sky

Steel Against the Sky

Release Date: Saturday, December 13 1941 (81 years ago)
Portrait of Lloyd NolanLloyd Nolan
Rocky Evans
Lloyd Nolan was:
Portrait of Alexis SmithAlexis Smith
Helen Powers
Alexis Smith was:
Portrait of Craig StevensCraig Stevens
Chuck Evans
Craig Stevens was:
Portrait of Gene LockhartGene Lockhart
John Powers
Gene Lockhart was:
Portrait of Edward EllisEdward Ellis
Pop Aloysisus Evans
Edward Ellis was:
Portrait of Walter CatlettWalter Catlett
Rupert Sampson
Walter Catlett was:
Portrait of Howard Da SilvaHoward Da Silva
Howard Da Silva was:
Portrait of Edward BrophyEdward Brophy
Pete Evans
Edward Brophy was:
Portrait of Julie BishopJulie Bishop
Julie Bishop was:
Portrait of Frank FaylenFrank Faylen
Egg Man in Diner (uncredited)
Frank Faylen was:
Portrait of Jackie GleasonJackie Gleason
Cliff (uncredited)
Jackie Gleason was:
Portrait of Tom ColemanTom Coleman
Man in Office (uncredited)
Tom Coleman was:
Portrait of Billy DawsonBilly Dawson
Messenger Boy (uncredited)
Billy Dawson was:
Portrait of Jerome de NuccioJerome de Nuccio
Construction Worker (uncredited)
Jerome de Nuccio was:
Portrait of James DimeJames Dime
Construction Worker (uncredited)
James Dime was:
Portrait of Neal DoddNeal Dodd
Justice of the Peace (uncredited)
Neal Dodd was:
Portrait of Roland DrewRoland Drew
Weather Man (uncredited)
Roland Drew was:
Portrait of John GallaudetJohn Gallaudet
Working Answering Telephone (uncredited)
John Gallaudet was:
Portrait of Sol GorssSol Gorss
Security Guard (uncredited)
Sol Gorss was:
Portrait of Herbert GunnHerbert Gunn
Clerk (uncredited)
Herbert Gunn was:
Portrait of Creighton HaleCreighton Hale
Jim (uncredited)
Creighton Hale was:
Portrait of Reid KilpatrickReid Kilpatrick
Radio Announcer (uncredited)
Reid Kilpatrick was:
Portrait of George LloydGeorge Lloyd
Tired Counterman (uncredited)
George Lloyd was:
Portrait of Jack LomasJack Lomas
Construction Worker (uncredited)
Jack Lomas was:
Portrait of Hank MannHank Mann
Worker Who Lived in Missouri (uncredited)
Hank Mann was:
Portrait of Frank MayoFrank Mayo
New Worker (uncredited)
Frank Mayo was:
Portrait of Pat McKeePat McKee
Construction Worker (uncredited)
Pat McKee was:
Portrait of Patrick McVeyPatrick McVey
Construction Worker (uncredited)
Patrick McVey was:
Portrait of Jack MowerJack Mower
Engineer (uncredited)
Jack Mower was:
Portrait of Frank O'ConnorFrank O'Connor
Rocky's Crew Member (uncredited)
Frank O'Connor was:
Portrait of Pat O'MalleyPat O'Malley
Construction Worker (uncredited)
Pat O'Malley was:
Portrait of William PhillipsWilliam Phillips
Construction Worker (uncredited)
William Phillips was:
Portrait of John RidgelyJohn Ridgely
Joe (uncredited)
John Ridgely was:
Portrait of Ray SpikerRay Spiker
Construction Worker (uncredited)
Ray Spiker was:
Portrait of Charles SullivanCharles Sullivan
Worker (uncredited)
Charles Sullivan was:
Portrait of Don TurnerDon Turner
Elevator Operator (uncredited)
Don Turner was:
Portrait of Emmett VoganEmmett Vogan
Worker (uncredited)
Emmett Vogan was:
Portrait of Billy WayneBilly Wayne
Worker (uncredited)
Billy Wayne was:
Portrait of Dick WesselDick Wessel
Mike (uncredited)
Dick Wessel was:
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