Poster of Room for One More

Room for One More

Release Date: Thursday, January 10 1952
71 years ago
Portrait of Cary GrantCary Grant
George "Poppy" Rose
Cary Grant was:
Mon, Jan 18 1904
Sat, Nov 29 1986
Portrait of Betsy DrakeBetsy Drake
Anna Perrott Rose
Betsy Drake was:
Tue, Sep 11 1923
Tue, Oct 27 2015
Portrait of Lurene TuttleLurene Tuttle
Miss Kenyon
Lurene Tuttle was:
Tue, Aug 20 1907
Wed, May 28 1986
Portrait of Randy StuartRandy Stuart
Mrs. Gladys Foreman
Randy Stuart was:
Sun, Oct 12 1924
Sat, Jul 20 1996
Portrait of John RidgelyJohn Ridgely
Harry Foreman
John Ridgely was:
Mon, Sep 06 1909
Thu, Jan 18 1968
Portrait of Irving BaconIrving Bacon
Mayor Michael J. Kane
Irving Bacon was:
Wed, Sep 06 1893
Fri, Feb 05 1965
Portrait of Mary TreenMary Treen
Grace Roberts (as Mary Lou Treen)
Mary Treen was:
Wed, Mar 27 1907
Thu, Jul 20 1989
Portrait of Iris MannIris Mann
Jane Miller
Iris Mann was:
Tue, May 02 1939
Portrait of George WinslowGeorge Winslow
Teenie Rose
George Winslow was:
Fri, May 03 1946
Sat, Jun 13 2015
Portrait of Clifford Tatum Jr.Clifford Tatum Jr.
Jimmy John Wilson
Clifford Tatum Jr. was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Gay GordonGay Gordon
Gay Gordon was:
Thu, Jun 05 1941
Portrait of Malcolm CassellMalcolm Cassell
Tim Rose
Malcolm Cassell was:
Thu, Mar 16 1939
Portrait of Larry OlsenLarry Olsen
Benji Roberts
Larry Olsen was:
Mon, May 16 1938
Tue, Nov 24 2015
Portrait of Don BeddoeDon Beddoe
Mr. Taylor (uncredited)
Don Beddoe was:
Wed, Jul 01 1903
Sat, Jan 19 1991
Portrait of Oliver BlakeOliver Blake
Mr. Tatum (uncredited)
Oliver Blake was:
Tue, Apr 04 1905
Wed, Feb 12 1992
Portrait of Lillian BronsonLillian Bronson
Teacher (uncredited)
Lillian Bronson was:
Tue, Oct 21 1902
Wed, Aug 02 1995
Portrait of Frank FergusonFrank Ferguson
Steve (uncredited)
Frank Ferguson was:
Mon, Dec 25 1899
Tue, Sep 12 1978
Portrait of Dabbs GreerDabbs Greer
Scoutmaster (uncredited)
Dabbs Greer was:
Mon, Apr 02 1917
Sat, Apr 28 2007
Portrait of Barry NortonBarry Norton
Boy Scout Ceremony Attendee (uncredited)
Barry Norton was:
Fri, Jun 16 1905
Fri, Aug 24 1956
Portrait of Tony TaylorTony Taylor
Joey (uncredited)
Tony Taylor was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Charles WattsCharles Watts
Mr. Roberts
Charles Watts was:
Wed, Oct 30 1912
Tue, Dec 13 1966
Portrait of Charles MeredithCharles Meredith
Mr. S. Thatcher
Charles Meredith was:
Mon, Aug 27 1894
Sat, Nov 28 1964
Portrait of John AlbanJohn Alban
John Alban was:
Fri, Jan 02 1903
Wed, Aug 09 1978
Portrait of Mary BaylessMary Bayless
Mary Bayless was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of John BreenJohn Breen
John Breen was:
Tue, Nov 13 1906
Thu, Aug 10 1972
Portrait of James ConatyJames Conaty
James Conaty was:
Fri, Dec 13 1895
Sun, Dec 18 1955
Portrait of Charles FergusonCharles Ferguson
Charles Ferguson was:
Thu, Mar 18 1920
Thu, Jun 30 1983
Portrait of Elizabeth FlournoyElizabeth Flournoy
Elizabeth Flournoy was:
Thu, Nov 18 1886
Sun, Aug 14 1977
Portrait of Herschel GrahamHerschel Graham
Herschel Graham was:
Fri, Feb 05 1904
Wed, Mar 18 1964
Portrait of Marion GrayMarion Gray
Marion Gray was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Robert HainesRobert Haines
Robert Haines was:
Sun, Sep 16 1894
Tue, Apr 18 1961
Portrait of Karen HaleKaren Hale
Karen Hale was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Gretchen HartmanGretchen Hartman
Gretchen Hartman was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Marcoreta HellmanMarcoreta Hellman
Marcoreta Hellman was:
Sat, Dec 28 1912
Thu, Jun 29 1972
Portrait of Fred KelseyFred Kelsey
Fred Kelsey was:
Wed, Aug 20 1884
Sat, Sep 02 1961
Portrait of Doris KemperDoris Kemper
Doris Kemper was:
Wed, May 25 1898
Sun, Mar 03 1974
Portrait of Dorothy KennedyDorothy Kennedy
Dorothy Kennedy was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Walt La RueWalt La Rue
Walt La Rue was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of King LockwoodKing Lockwood
King Lockwood was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Mary NewtonMary Newton
Mary Newton was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of George O'HanlonGeorge O'Hanlon
George O'Hanlon was:
Sat, Nov 23 1912
Sat, Feb 11 1989
Portrait of Lillian O'MalleyLillian O'Malley
Lillian O'Malley was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Ray PageRay Page
Ray Page was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Cynthia PepperCynthia Pepper
Cynthia Pepper was:
Wed, Sep 04 1940
Portrait of Ezelle PouleEzelle Poule
Ezelle Poule was:
Mon, Mar 06 1905
Wed, Oct 21 1987
Portrait of Felice RichmondFelice Richmond
Felice Richmond was:
Fri, Jan 25 1901
Mon, Oct 13 1986
Portrait of Loretta RussellLoretta Russell
Loretta Russell was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Charles SherlockCharles Sherlock
Charles Sherlock was:
Mon, Jul 09 1900
Sun, May 01 1983
Portrait of John WilderJohn Wilder
John Wilder was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Tom WilsonTom Wilson
Tom Wilson was:
Fri, Aug 27 1880
Fri, Feb 19 1965
Portrait of Stephen WoottonStephen Wootton
Stephen Wootton was:
Sun, Jul 08 1945
Sat, Apr 05 2014