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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Once More, My Darling

Once More, My Darling

Release Date: Saturday, September 10 1949 (73 years ago)
Portrait of Robert MontgomeryRobert Montgomery
Collier Laing
Robert Montgomery was:
Portrait of Ann BlythAnn Blyth
Marita Connell
Ann Blyth was:
Portrait of Jane CowlJane Cowl
Mrs. Laing
Jane Cowl was:
Portrait of Charles McGrawCharles McGraw
Herman Schmelz
Charles McGraw was:
Portrait of Lillian RandolphLillian Randolph
Lillian Randolph was:
Portrait of Taylor HolmesTaylor Holmes
Jed Connell
Taylor Holmes was:
Portrait of Roland WintersRoland Winters
Col. Head
Roland Winters was:
Portrait of Steven GeraySteven Geray
Steven Geray was:
Portrait of John RidgelyJohn Ridgely
John Ridgely was:
Portrait of Maurice CassMaurice Cass
Dr. Grasser
Maurice Cass was:
Portrait of Don BeddoeDon Beddoe
Judge Fraser
Don Beddoe was:
Portrait of Louise LorimerLouise Lorimer
Mrs. Fraser
Louise Lorimer was:
Portrait of Wilton GraffWilton Graff
Wilton Graff was:
Portrait of Ray TealRay Teal
Truck Driver
Ray Teal was:
Portrait of Sally CornerSally Corner
Mrs. Frobisher
Sally Corner was:
Portrait of Dee J. ThompsonDee J. Thompson
Mary Jane Frobisher
Dee J. Thompson was:
Portrait of George M. CarletonGeorge M. Carleton
Mr. Grant
George M. Carleton was:
Portrait of Edna HollandEdna Holland
Mrs. Grant
Edna Holland was:
Portrait of Bert HicksBert Hicks
Peter Vellon
Bert Hicks was:
Portrait of George ChandlerGeorge Chandler
Motel Proprietor
George Chandler was:
Portrait of Jack ChefeJack Chefe
Nightclub Waiter
Jack Chefe was:
Portrait of Jack GarganJack Gargan
Jack Gargan was:
Portrait of Donald GordonDonald Gordon
Donald Gordon was:
Portrait of John HarmonJohn Harmon
John Harmon was:
Portrait of Dell HendersonDell Henderson
Hotel Clerk
Dell Henderson was:
Portrait of Kenner G. KempKenner G. Kemp
Casino Patron
Kenner G. Kemp was:
Portrait of Phyllis KennedyPhyllis Kennedy
Phyllis Kennedy was:
Portrait of Anne P. KramerAnne P. Kramer
Anne P. Kramer was:
Portrait of James LinnJames Linn
James Linn was:
Portrait of Maurice MarsacMaurice Marsac
Maurice Marsac was:
Portrait of William H. O'BrienWilliam H. O'Brien
William H. O'Brien was:
Portrait of Barbara PaytonBarbara Payton
Girl Photographer
Barbara Payton was:
Portrait of John PickardJohn Pickard
John Pickard was:
Portrait of Jim ToneyJim Toney
Fruit Dealer
Jim Toney was:
Portrait of William VedderWilliam Vedder
Alfred, the Butler
William Vedder was:
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