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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of On Trial

On Trial

Release Date: Saturday, April 1 1939 (83 years ago)
Portrait of Margaret LindsayMargaret Lindsay
Mae Strickland
Margaret Lindsay was:
Portrait of John LitelJohn Litel
Robert Strickland
John Litel was:
Portrait of Edward NorrisEdward Norris
William Arbuckle
Edward Norris was:
Portrait of Janet ChapmanJanet Chapman
Doris Strickland
Janet Chapman was:
Portrait of James StephensonJames Stephenson
Gerald Trask
James Stephenson was:
Portrait of Larry WilliamsLarry Williams
Mr. Glover
Larry Williams was:
Portrait of William B. DavidsonWilliam B. Davidson
Mr. Gray
William B. Davidson was:
Portrait of Earl DwireEarl Dwire
Earl Dwire was:
Portrait of Gordon HartGordon Hart
Dr. Morgan
Gordon Hart was:
Portrait of Charles TrowbridgeCharles Trowbridge
Harry Dean
Charles Trowbridge was:
Portrait of Sidney BraceySidney Bracey
Joe Burke
Sidney Bracey was:
Portrait of Kenneth HarlanKenneth Harlan
Mr. John Trumbell - Juror #3
Kenneth Harlan was:
Portrait of Vera LewisVera Lewis
Mrs. Leeds-Juror #8
Vera Lewis was:
Portrait of Nat CarrNat Carr
Nat Carr was:
Portrait of Stuart HolmesStuart Holmes
Mr. Summers - Juror #6
Stuart Holmes was:
Portrait of Cliff SaumCliff Saum
Cliff Saum was:
Portrait of Nedda HarriganNedda Harrigan
Joan Trask
Nedda Harrigan was:
Portrait of John RidgelyJohn Ridgely
Radio Announcer (uncredited)
John Ridgely was:
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