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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Nine Lives Are Not Enough

Nine Lives Are Not Enough

Release Date: Saturday, September 20 1941 (81 years ago)
Portrait of Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan
Matt Sawyer
Ronald Reagan was:
Portrait of Joan PerryJoan Perry
Jane Abbott
Joan Perry was:
Portrait of James GleasonJames Gleason
Sergeant Daniels
James Gleason was:
Portrait of Howard Da SilvaHoward Da Silva
City Editor
Howard Da Silva was:
Portrait of Faye EmersonFaye Emerson
Rose Chadwick
Faye Emerson was:
Portrait of Edward BrophyEdward Brophy
Officer Slattery
Edward Brophy was:
Portrait of Peter WhitneyPeter Whitney
Roy Slocum
Peter Whitney was:
Portrait of Charles DrakeCharles Drake
Snappy Saunders
Charles Drake was:
Portrait of Vera LewisVera Lewis
Mrs. Slocum
Vera Lewis was:
Portrait of Ben WeldenBen Welden
Moxie Karper
Ben Welden was:
Portrait of Howard HickmanHoward Hickman
Colonel Andrews
Howard Hickman was:
Portrait of Cliff ClarkCliff Clark
Lieutenant Buckley
Cliff Clark was:
Portrait of Tom StevensonTom Stevenson
Charles Sanborn
Tom Stevenson was:
Portrait of Paul PhillipsPaul Phillips
Paul Phillips was:
Portrait of Joseph CrehanJoseph Crehan
Joseph Crehan was:
Portrait of John MaxwellJohn Maxwell
John Maxwell was:
Portrait of Joseph CrehanJoseph Crehan
Editor (uncredited)
Joseph Crehan was:
Portrait of Thurston HallThurston Hall
Huntley (uncredited)
Thurston Hall was:
Portrait of John HamiltonJohn Hamilton
Police Chief (uncredited)
John Hamilton was:
Portrait of Olaf HyttenOlaf Hytten
Butler (uncredited)
Olaf Hytten was:
Portrait of Joan LeslieJoan Leslie
Receptionist (uncredited)
Joan Leslie was:
Portrait of John RidgelyJohn Ridgely
Garage Mechanic (uncredited)
John Ridgely was:
Portrait of Tom StevensonTom Stevenson
Charles (uncredited)
Tom Stevenson was:
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