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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby

Release Date: Saturday, May 31 1941 (81 years ago)
Portrait of Priscilla LanePriscilla Lane
Pamela McAllister
Priscilla Lane was:
Portrait of Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan
Peter Rowan
Ronald Reagan was:
Portrait of Jeffrey LynnJeffrey Lynn
James Amory
Jeffrey Lynn was:
Portrait of May RobsonMay Robson
Cornelia Wheelwright
May Robson was:
Portrait of Lee PatrickLee Patrick
Josie "Lou" La Rue
Lee Patrick was:
Portrait of Helen WestleyHelen Westley
Mrs. Galloway
Helen Westley was:
Portrait of George BarbierGeorge Barbier
George Barbier was:
Portrait of John QualenJohn Qualen
Dr. Patterson
John Qualen was:
Portrait of Walter CatlettWalter Catlett
Walter Catlett was:
Portrait of Johnny SheffieldJohnny Sheffield
Alvie Grayson
Johnny Sheffield was:
Portrait of Fay HelmFay Helm
Mrs. Grayson
Fay Helm was:
Portrait of Nan WynnNan Wynn
Flo Turner
Nan Wynn was:
Portrait of Richard CarleRichard Carle
George the butler
Richard Carle was:
Portrait of John RidgelyJohn Ridgely
Ollie Ward
John Ridgely was:
Portrait of Maris WrixonMaris Wrixon
Diana Bennett
Maris Wrixon was:
Portrait of James BurkeJames Burke
James Burke was:
Portrait of Charles HaltonCharles Halton
John Parkinson
Charles Halton was:
Portrait of George DavisGeorge Davis
Swiss Taxi Driver (uncredited)
George Davis was:
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