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Poster of Lady with Red Hair

Lady with Red Hair

Release Date: Saturday, November 30 1940 (82 years ago)
Portrait of Miriam HopkinsMiriam Hopkins
Mrs. Leslie Carter
Miriam Hopkins was:
Portrait of Claude RainsClaude Rains
David Belasco
Claude Rains was:
Portrait of Richard AinleyRichard Ainley
Lou Payne
Richard Ainley was:
Portrait of Laura Hope CrewsLaura Hope Crews
Mrs. Dudley
Laura Hope Crews was:
Portrait of Helen WestleyHelen Westley
Mrs. 'Ma' Frazier
Helen Westley was:
Portrait of John LitelJohn Litel
Charles Bryant
John Litel was:
Portrait of Mona BarrieMona Barrie
Mrs. Hilda Brooks
Mona Barrie was:
Portrait of Victor JoryVictor Jory
Mr. Clifton
Victor Jory was:
Portrait of Cecil KellawayCecil Kellaway
Mr. Chapman
Cecil Kellaway was:
Portrait of Fritz LeiberFritz Leiber
Mr. Foster
Fritz Leiber was:
Portrait of Johnny RussellJohnny Russell
Dudley Carter
Johnny Russell was:
Portrait of Selmer JacksonSelmer Jackson
Henry DeMille
Selmer Jackson was:
Portrait of May BoleyMay Boley
Mrs. Peabody (uncredited)
May Boley was:
Portrait of Virginia BrissacVirginia Brissac
Miss Humbert (uncredited)
Virginia Brissac was:
Portrait of Maurice CassMaurice Cass
Scenic Artist (uncredited)
Maurice Cass was:
Portrait of Glen CavenderGlen Cavender
Stage Doorman (uncredited)
Glen Cavender was:
Portrait of James ConatyJames Conaty
Actor at Rehearsal (uncredited)
James Conaty was:
Portrait of William B. DavidsonWilliam B. Davidson
Stock Company Manager (uncredited)
William B. Davidson was:
Portrait of Bess FlowersBess Flowers
Mother in Miss Humbert's office (uncredited)
Bess Flowers was:
Portrait of Huntley GordonHuntley Gordon
Actor Playing John (uncredited)
Huntley Gordon was:
Portrait of William GouldWilliam Gould
Police Sergeant on Courthouse Steps (uncredited)
William Gould was:
Portrait of Harrison GreeneHarrison Greene
Man in Audience Shouting to Give Mrs. Carter a Chance (uncredited)
Harrison Greene was:
Portrait of Creighton HaleCreighton Hale
Reporter Eddie (uncredited)
Creighton Hale was:
Portrait of John HamiltonJohn Hamilton
Defense Attorney Graham (uncredited)
John Hamilton was:
Portrait of Russell HicksRussell Hicks
Wealthy London Host (uncredited)
Russell Hicks was:
Portrait of Halliwell HobbesHalliwell Hobbes
Divorce Judge (uncredited)
Halliwell Hobbes was:
Portrait of Robert HomansRobert Homans
Policeman on Courthouse Steps (uncredited)
Robert Homans was:
Portrait of William HopperWilliam Hopper
Lyceum Theater Attendant (uncredited)
William Hopper was:
Portrait of Roger ImhofRoger Imhof
Pat - the Lamplighter (uncredited)
Roger Imhof was:
Portrait of Paul IrvingPaul Irving
Mr. Krantz (uncredited)
Paul Irving was:
Portrait of Thomas E. JacksonThomas E. Jackson
Mr. Frank Harper (uncredited)
Thomas E. Jackson was:
Portrait of Lillian Kemble-CooperLillian Kemble-Cooper
London Party Guest (uncredited)
Lillian Kemble-Cooper was:
Portrait of Doris LloydDoris Lloyd
Teacher at Miss Humbert's School (uncredited)
Doris Lloyd was:
Portrait of Helene MillardHelene Millard
Mrs. Eloise Ballard (uncredited)
Helene Millard was:
Portrait of Harold MillerHarold Miller
Actor at Rehearsal (uncredited)
Harold Miller was:
Portrait of David NewellDavid Newell
Man in Chicago Audience (uncredited)
David Newell was:
Portrait of John RidgelyJohn Ridgely
Actor Playing Paul (uncredited)
John Ridgely was:
Portrait of Florence ShirleyFlorence Shirley
Daisy Dawn (uncredited)
Florence Shirley was:
Portrait of Alexis SmithAlexis Smith
Girl at Wedding (uncredited)
Alexis Smith was:
Portrait of Paul StantonPaul Stanton
Prosecuting Attorney Winter (uncredited)
Paul Stanton was:
Portrait of Craig StevensCraig Stevens
Bit Role (uncredited)
Craig Stevens was:
Portrait of Frank WilcoxFrank Wilcox
Defense Assistant (uncredited)
Frank Wilcox was:
Portrait of Cornel WildeCornel Wilde
Mr. Williams (uncredited)
Cornel Wilde was:
Portrait of Charles C. WilsonCharles C. Wilson
George Martin (uncredited)
Charles C. Wilson was:
Portrait of Maris WrixonMaris Wrixon
Miss Annie Ellis (uncredited)
Maris Wrixon was:
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