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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Incredibles

The Incredibles

Release Date: 2004-10-27 (17 years ago)
Portrait of Craig T. NelsonCraig T. Nelson
Bob Parr / Mr. Incredible (voice)
Craig T. Nelson was:
Portrait of Holly HunterHolly Hunter
Helen Parr / Elastigirl (voice)
Holly Hunter was:
Portrait of Sarah VowellSarah Vowell
Violet Parr (voice)
Sarah Vowell was:
Portrait of Spencer FoxSpencer Fox
Dashiell 'Dash' Parr (voice)
Spencer Fox was:
Portrait of Jason LeeJason Lee
Buddy Pine / IncrediBoy / Syndrome (voice)
Jason Lee was:
Portrait of Samuel L. JacksonSamuel L. Jackson
Lucius Best / Frozone (voice)
Samuel L. Jackson was:
Portrait of Elizabeth PeñaElizabeth Peña
Mirage (voice)
Elizabeth Peña was:
Portrait of Eli FucileEli Fucile
Jack-Jack Parr (voice)
Eli Fucile was:
Portrait of Maeve AndrewsMaeve Andrews
Jack-Jack Parr (voice)
Maeve Andrews was:
Portrait of Brad BirdBrad Bird
Edna "E" Mode (voice)
Brad Bird was:
Portrait of Teddy NewtonTeddy Newton
Newsreel Narrator (voice)
Teddy Newton was:
Portrait of Jean SincereJean Sincere
Mrs. Hogenson (voice)
Jean Sincere was:
Portrait of Bud LuckeyBud Luckey
Rick Dicker (voice)
Bud Luckey was:
Portrait of Wallace ShawnWallace Shawn
Gilbert Huph (voice)
Wallace Shawn was:
Portrait of Lou RomanoLou Romano
Bernie Kropp (voice)
Lou Romano was:
Portrait of Michael BirdMichael Bird
Tony Rydinger (voice)
Michael Bird was:
Portrait of Dominique LouisDominique Louis
Bomb Voyage (voice)
Dominique Louis was:
Portrait of Bret 'Brook' ParkerBret 'Brook' Parker
Kari (voice)
Bret 'Brook' Parker was:
Portrait of Kimberly Adair ClarkKimberly Adair Clark
Honey (voice)
Kimberly Adair Clark was:
Portrait of John RatzenbergerJohn Ratzenberger
Underminer (voice)
John Ratzenberger was:
Portrait of Wayne CanneyWayne Canney
Principal (voice)
Wayne Canney was:
Portrait of Mark AndrewsMark Andrews
Additional Voices (voice)
Mark Andrews was:
Portrait of Nicholas BirdNicholas Bird
Additional Voices (voice)
Nicholas Bird was:
Portrait of Louis Martin Braga IIILouis Martin Braga III
Additional Voices (voice)
Louis Martin Braga III was:
Portrait of Emmy ClarkeEmmy Clarke
Additional Voices (voice)
Emmy Clarke was:
Portrait of Pete DocterPete Docter
Additional Voices (voice)
Pete Docter was:
Portrait of Louis GonzalesLouis Gonzales
Additional Voices (voice)
Louis Gonzales was:
Portrait of Elizabeth GreenbergElizabeth Greenberg
Additional Voices (voice)
Elizabeth Greenberg was:
Portrait of Juliet GreenbergJuliet Greenberg
Additional Voices (voice)
Juliet Greenberg was:
Portrait of Billy GuardinoBilly Guardino
Additional Voices (voice)
Billy Guardino was:
Portrait of Dennis 'D.J.' JenningsDennis 'D.J.' Jennings
Additional Voices (voice)
Dennis 'D.J.' Jennings was:
Portrait of Ollie JohnstonOllie Johnston
Additional Voices (voice)
Ollie Johnston was:
Portrait of Brad LewisBrad Lewis
Additional Voices (voice)
Brad Lewis was:
Portrait of Ted MathotTed Mathot
Additional Voices (voice)
Ted Mathot was:
Portrait of Jazzie MahannahJazzie Mahannah
Additional Voices (voice)
Jazzie Mahannah was:
Portrait of Randy NelsonRandy Nelson
Additional Voices (voice)
Randy Nelson was:
Portrait of Bob PetersonBob Peterson
Additional Voices (voice)
Bob Peterson was:
Portrait of Jeff PidgeonJeff Pidgeon
Additional Voices (voice)
Jeff Pidgeon was:
Portrait of Juliet PokornyJuliet Pokorny
Additional Voices (voice)
Juliet Pokorny was:
Portrait of Joe RanftJoe Ranft
Additional Voices (voice)
Joe Ranft was:
Portrait of Lori RichardsonLori Richardson
Additional Voices (voice)
Lori Richardson was:
Portrait of A.J. Riebli IIIA.J. Riebli III
Additional Voices (voice)
A.J. Riebli III was:
Portrait of Katherine RinggoldKatherine Ringgold
Additional Voices (voice)
Katherine Ringgold was:
Portrait of Stephen SchafferStephen Schaffer
Additional Voices (voice)
Stephen Schaffer was:
Portrait of Bob ScottBob Scott
Additional Voices (voice)
Bob Scott was:
Portrait of Peter SohnPeter Sohn
Additional Voices (voice)
Peter Sohn was:
Portrait of Andrew StantonAndrew Stanton
Additional Voices (voice)
Andrew Stanton was:
Portrait of Frank ThomasFrank Thomas
Additional Voices (voice)
Frank Thomas was:
Portrait of Pamela Gaye WalkerPamela Gaye Walker
Additional Voices (voice)
Pamela Gaye Walker was:
Portrait of Patrick WalkerPatrick Walker
Additional Voices (voice)
Patrick Walker was:
Portrait of Deirdre WarinDeirdre Warin
Additional Voices (voice)
Deirdre Warin was:
Portrait of Jack AngelJack Angel
Guard #2 / Firefighters (voice) (uncredited)
Jack Angel was:
Portrait of Bob BergenBob Bergen
Firefighters (voice) (uncredited)
Bob Bergen was:
Portrait of Rodger BumpassRodger Bumpass
Firefighters (voice) (uncredited)
Rodger Bumpass was:
Portrait of Philip L. ClarkePhilip L. Clarke
Firefighters (voice) (uncredited)
Philip L. Clarke was:
Portrait of Bill FarmerBill Farmer
Oliver Sansweet's Lawyer / Firefighters (voice) (uncredited)
Bill Farmer was:
Portrait of Mickie McGowanMickie McGowan
Citizen Mother (voice) (uncredited)
Mickie McGowan was:
Portrait of Patrick PinneyPatrick Pinney
Oliver Sansweet / Firefighters (voice) (uncredited)
Patrick Pinney was:
Portrait of Phil ProctorPhil Proctor
Guard #1 / Firefighters (voice) (uncredited)
Phil Proctor was:
Portrait of John WalkerJohn Walker
Reverend (voice) (uncredited)
John Walker was:
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