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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Outland


Release Date: 1981-05-22 (41 years ago)
Portrait of Sean ConnerySean Connery
Marshal William T. O'Niel
Sean Connery was:
Portrait of Peter BoylePeter Boyle
Mark Sheppard
Peter Boyle was:
Portrait of Frances SternhagenFrances Sternhagen
Dr. Lazarus
Frances Sternhagen was:
Portrait of James B. SikkingJames B. Sikking
Sgt. Montone
James B. Sikking was:
Portrait of Kika MarkhamKika Markham
Carol O'Niel
Kika Markham was:
Portrait of Clarke PetersClarke Peters
Sgt. Ballard
Clarke Peters was:
Portrait of Steven BerkoffSteven Berkoff
Steven Berkoff was:
Portrait of John RatzenbergerJohn Ratzenberger
John Ratzenberger was:
Portrait of Nicholas BarnesNicholas Barnes
Paul O'Niel
Nicholas Barnes was:
Portrait of Manning RedwoodManning Redwood
Manning Redwood was:
Portrait of Marc BoyleMarc Boyle
Nicholas Spota
Marc Boyle was:
Portrait of Pat StarrPat Starr
Flo Spector
Pat Starr was:
Portrait of Hal GaliliHal Galili
Officer Nelson
Hal Galili was:
Portrait of Angus MacInnesAngus MacInnes
Angus MacInnes was:
Portrait of Stuart MilliganStuart Milligan
Stuart Milligan was:
Portrait of Eugene LipinskiEugene Lipinski
Eugene Lipinski was:
Portrait of Norman ChancerNorman Chancer
Officer Slater
Norman Chancer was:
Portrait of Richard HammarRichard Hammar
Russel Yario
Richard Hammar was:
Portrait of Isabelle LucasIsabelle Lucas
Isabelle Lucas was:
Portrait of James BerwickJames Berwick
Worker at Table
James Berwick was:
Portrait of Sharon DuceSharon Duce
Sharon Duce was:
Portrait of Ron TravisRon Travis
Officer Fanning
Ron Travis was:
Portrait of Bill BaileyBill Bailey
Officer Hill
Bill Bailey was:
Portrait of Angelique RocasAngelique Rocas
Maintenance Worker
Angelique Rocas was:
Portrait of P.H. MoriartyP.H. Moriarty
Hitman #1
P.H. Moriarty was:
Portrait of Gary OlsenGary Olsen
Worker #1
Gary Olsen was:
Portrait of Chris WilliamsChris Williams
Chris Williams was:
Portrait of Rayner BourtonRayner Bourton
Rayner Bourton was:
Portrait of Anni DomingoAnni Domingo
Anni Domingo was:
Portrait of Julia DepyerJulia Depyer
Julia Depyer was:
Portrait of Nina FrancoiseNina Francoise
Nina Francoise was:
Portrait of Brandon HughesBrandon Hughes
Brandon Hughes was:
Portrait of Norri MorganNorri Morgan
Norri Morgan was:
Portrait of Jude AldersonJude Alderson
Female Prostitute - Leisure Club Sequence (as Judith Alderson)
Jude Alderson was:
Portrait of John CannonJohn Cannon
Barman (uncredited)
John Cannon was:
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