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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Our First Christmas

Our First Christmas

Release Date: 2008-12-19 (13 years ago)
Portrait of Julie WarnerJulie Warner
Cindy Baer-Noll
Julie Warner was:
Portrait of John RatzenbergerJohn Ratzenberger
Joe Noll
John Ratzenberger was:
Portrait of Dixie CarterDixie Carter
Evie Baer
Dixie Carter was:
Portrait of Steven EckholdtSteven Eckholdt
Tom Baer-Noll
Steven Eckholdt was:
Portrait of Cassi ThomsonCassi Thomson
Cassi Thomson was:
Portrait of Grace FultonGrace Fulton
Grace Fulton was:
Portrait of Maxim KnightMaxim Knight
Maxim Knight was:
Portrait of Richard RiehleRichard Riehle
Richard Riehle was:
Portrait of Kat GrahamKat Graham
Assistant Bernie
Kat Graham was:
Portrait of Carly Bondar Carly Bondar
Mean Girl #1
Carly Bondar was:
Portrait of Lewis SmithLewis Smith
Pastor Brown
Lewis Smith was:
Portrait of Chris LoPreteChris LoPrete
Chris LoPrete was:
Portrait of Eric SeppalaEric Seppala
Eric Seppala was:
Portrait of Lisa DonaheyLisa Donahey
Lisa Donahey was:
Portrait of María Antonieta VázquezMaría Antonieta Vázquez
María Antonieta Vázquez was:
Portrait of Brad CarrBrad Carr
Gardener (uncredited)
Brad Carr was:
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