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Poster of Mickey's 60th Birthday

Mickey's 60th Birthday

Release Date: 1988-11-13 (33 years ago)
Portrait of Woody HarrelsonWoody Harrelson
Woody Boyd
Woody Harrelson was:
Portrait of John RitterJohn Ritter
Dudley Goode
John Ritter was:
Portrait of Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds was:
Portrait of Kirstie AlleyKirstie Alley
Rebecca Howe
Kirstie Alley was:
Portrait of Cheech MarinCheech Marin
Disneyland Janitor
Cheech Marin was:
Portrait of Jill EikenberryJill Eikenberry
Mia Loud
Jill Eikenberry was:
Portrait of Phylicia RashādPhylicia Rashād
Disneyland Cleaning Lady
Phylicia Rashād was:
Portrait of Carl ReinerCarl Reiner
Mel Fellini
Carl Reiner was:
Portrait of Charles FleischerCharles Fleischer
Stagehand Charlie / Roger Rabbit (voice)
Charles Fleischer was:
Portrait of Wayne AllwineWayne Allwine
Mickey Mouse (voice)
Wayne Allwine was:
Portrait of Tony AnselmoTony Anselmo
Donald Duck (voice)
Tony Anselmo was:
Portrait of Bea ArthurBea Arthur
Bea Arthur was:
Portrait of Justine BatemanJustine Bateman
Mallory Keaton
Justine Bateman was:
Portrait of Corbin BernsenCorbin Bernsen
Arnie Becker
Corbin Bernsen was:
Portrait of Brian BonsallBrian Bonsall
Andy Keaton
Brian Bonsall was:
Portrait of Peter BrightPeter Bright
Peter Bright was:
Portrait of Dyan CannonDyan Cannon
Annie Hackett
Dyan Cannon was:
Portrait of Phil CollinsPhil Collins
Phil Collins was:
Portrait of Peter CullenPeter Cullen
Sorcerer (voice)
Peter Cullen was:
Portrait of Ted DansonTed Danson
Sam Malone
Ted Danson was:
Portrait of Fred DryerFred Dryer
Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter
Fred Dryer was:
Portrait of Richard DysartRichard Dysart
Leland McKenzie
Richard Dysart was:
Portrait of Michael EisnerMichael Eisner
Michael Eisner was:
Portrait of Annette FunicelloAnnette Funicello
Annette Funicello was:
Portrait of Estelle GettyEstelle Getty
Estelle Getty was:
Portrait of Kelsey GrammerKelsey Grammer
Dr. Frasier Crane
Kelsey Grammer was:
Portrait of Harry HamlinHarry Hamlin
Michael Kuzak
Harry Hamlin was:
Portrait of Barbara HersheyBarbara Hershey
Barbara Hershey was:
Portrait of Rue McClanahanRue McClanahan
Rue McClanahan was:
Portrait of Ed McMahonEd McMahon
Ed McMahon was:
Portrait of Bette MidlerBette Midler
Bette Midler was:
Portrait of Rhea PerlmanRhea Perlman
Carla Tortelli
Rhea Perlman was:
Portrait of Alan RachinsAlan Rachins
Douglas Brackman, Jr.
Alan Rachins was:
Portrait of John RatzenbergerJohn Ratzenberger
Cliff Clavin
John Ratzenberger was:
Portrait of Allison RosatiAllison Rosati
Allison Rosati was:
Portrait of Sue SimmonsSue Simmons
Sue Simmons was:
Portrait of Jimmy SmitsJimmy Smits
Victor Sifuentes
Jimmy Smits was:
Portrait of Russi TaylorRussi Taylor
Minnie Mouse (voice)
Russi Taylor was:
Portrait of Michael TuckerMichael Tucker
Stuart Markowitz
Michael Tucker was:
Portrait of Blair UnderwoodBlair Underwood
Jonathan Rollins
Blair Underwood was:
Portrait of George WendtGeorge Wendt
Norm Peterson
George Wendt was:
Portrait of Betty WhiteBetty White
Betty White was:
Portrait of Tina YothersTina Yothers
Jennifer Keaton
Tina Yothers was:
Portrait of Michael J. FoxMichael J. Fox
Alex P. Keaton (archive footage) (uncredited)
Michael J. Fox was:
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