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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Cars 2

Cars 2

Release Date: 2011-06-11 (10 years ago)
Portrait of Larry the Cable GuyLarry the Cable Guy
Mater (voice)
Larry the Cable Guy was:
Portrait of Owen WilsonOwen Wilson
Lightning McQueen (voice)
Owen Wilson was:
Portrait of Michael CaineMichael Caine
Finn McMissile (voice)
Michael Caine was:
Portrait of Emily MortimerEmily Mortimer
Holley Shiftwell (voice)
Emily Mortimer was:
Portrait of John TurturroJohn Turturro
Francesco Bernoulli (voice)
John Turturro was:
Portrait of Eddie IzzardEddie Izzard
Sir Miles Axlerod (voice)
Eddie Izzard was:
Portrait of Thomas KretschmannThomas Kretschmann
Professor Z (voice)
Thomas Kretschmann was:
Portrait of Guido QuaroniGuido Quaroni
Guido (voice)
Guido Quaroni was:
Portrait of Joe MantegnaJoe Mantegna
Grem (voice)
Joe Mantegna was:
Portrait of Peter JacobsonPeter Jacobson
Acer (voice)
Peter Jacobson was:
Portrait of Bruce CampbellBruce Campbell
Rod "Torque" Redline (voice)
Bruce Campbell was:
Portrait of Tony ShalhoubTony Shalhoub
Luigi (voice)
Tony Shalhoub was:
Portrait of Darrell WaltripDarrell Waltrip
Darrell Cartrip (voice)
Darrell Waltrip was:
Portrait of Brent MusburgerBrent Musburger
Brent Mustangburger (voice)
Brent Musburger was:
Portrait of Jason IsaacsJason Isaacs
Siddeley / Leland Turbo (voice)
Jason Isaacs was:
Portrait of David HobbsDavid Hobbs
David Hobbscap (voice)
David Hobbs was:
Portrait of Stanley TownsendStanley Townsend
Victor Hugo / Vladimir Trunkov / Ivan the Tow Truck (voice)
Stanley Townsend was:
Portrait of Lloyd SherrLloyd Sherr
Fillmore / Combat Ship (voice)
Lloyd Sherr was:
Portrait of Paul DooleyPaul Dooley
Sarge (voice)
Paul Dooley was:
Portrait of Michel MichelisMichel Michelis
Tomber (voice)
Michel Michelis was:
Portrait of Sig HansenSig Hansen
Crabby (voice)
Sig Hansen was:
Portrait of Franco NeroFranco Nero
Uncle Topolino (voice)
Franco Nero was:
Portrait of Vanessa RedgraveVanessa Redgrave
The Queen / Mama Topolino (voice)
Vanessa Redgrave was:
Portrait of Bonnie HuntBonnie Hunt
Sally Carrera (voice)
Bonnie Hunt was:
Portrait of Cheech MarinCheech Marin
Ramone (voice)
Cheech Marin was:
Portrait of Jenifer LewisJenifer Lewis
Flo (voice)
Jenifer Lewis was:
Portrait of Michael WallisMichael Wallis
Sheriff (voice)
Michael Wallis was:
Portrait of Katherine HelmondKatherine Helmond
Lizzie (voice)
Katherine Helmond was:
Portrait of John RatzenbergerJohn Ratzenberger
Mack (voice)
John Ratzenberger was:
Portrait of Jeff GarlinJeff Garlin
Otis (voice)
Jeff Garlin was:
Portrait of Patrick WalkerPatrick Walker
Mel Dorado (voice)
Patrick Walker was:
Portrait of Lewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (voice)
Lewis Hamilton was:
Portrait of Velibor TopicVelibor Topic
Alexander Hugo (voice)
Velibor Topic was:
Portrait of John MainieriJohn Mainieri
J. Curby Gremlin (voice)
John Mainieri was:
Portrait of Brad LewisBrad Lewis
Tubbs Pacer (voice)
Brad Lewis was:
Portrait of Richard KindRichard Kind
Van (voice)
Richard Kind was:
Portrait of Edie McClurgEdie McClurg
Minny (voice)
Edie McClurg was:
Portrait of Teresa GallagherTeresa Gallagher
Mater's Computer (voice)
Teresa Gallagher was:
Portrait of Jeff GordonJeff Gordon
Jeff Gorvette (voice)
Jeff Gordon was:
Portrait of John LasseterJohn Lasseter
Additional Voices (voice)
John Lasseter was:
Portrait of Mark WinterbottomMark Winterbottom
Frosty (voice)
Mark Winterbottom was:
Portrait of Daisuke TsutsumiDaisuke Tsutsumi
Additional Voices (voice)
Daisuke Tsutsumi was:
Portrait of Fernando AlonsoFernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso (voice)
Fernando Alonso was:
Portrait of Vitaly PetrovVitaly Petrov
Vitaly Petrov (voice)
Vitaly Petrov was:
Portrait of Jan NilssonJan Nilsson
Flash (voice)
Jan Nilsson was:
Portrait of Memo RojasMemo Rojas
Memo Rojas (voice)
Memo Rojas was:
Portrait of Jacques VilleneuveJacques Villeneuve
Jacques Villeneuve (voice)
Jacques Villeneuve was:
Portrait of Sebastian VettelSebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel (voice)
Sebastian Vettel was:
Portrait of Catherine BoltCatherine Bolt
Additional Voices (voice)
Catherine Bolt was:
Portrait of Jess FultonJess Fulton
Additional Voices (voice)
Jess Fulton was:
Portrait of Sonoko KonishiSonoko Konishi
Additional Voices (voice)
Sonoko Konishi was:
Portrait of Gillian BoltGillian Bolt
Additional Voices (voice)
Gillian Bolt was:
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